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How to Install WordPress in Just few seconds - arcreationsweb

how to install wordpress

Like we all know wordpress is the very popular tool in the field of blogging and website development area. There are more than 80% of the blogger are using wordpress. People love this because it is very easy to use and easy to design webpage or any website with it. There is complete article about why we use wordpress not any other CMS.

Today i am writing this post to just tell you how to install wordpress for your domain. I will explain all the things here with the very easy and simple steps. You have to just follow all the steps properly and i guaranteed you that your task will definitely get done in couple of seconds.


STEP 1: Buy your domain

First of all you have to buy a DOMAIN name from Godaddy, bigrock etc... Than purchase a starter plan of godaddy. You will get the following things with plan.

  • A domain Name
  • Web Space
  • Advance Cpanel
  • etc....

STEP 2: Login Your cpanel of your domain. Your url will be like -


this is url to open the cpanel for your doamin. Enter your username and password and than login.

STEP 3: Click on softaculous apps installer.
STEP 4: Click on wordpress
STEP 5: Click on Install Now
STEP 6: Do not makes changes in the protocol option. It should be -

STEP 7: Choose the Domain for which you want to install WordPress.

STEP 8: Leave the directory option Blank.
In Directory option do not mention anything. It should be blank, because when you register your domain with godaddy or any other at that time your directory automatically created so there is no need to specify any other directory again.

DIRECTORY: It is basically a way which through search engine will come to your blog/website. If you mention any other directory there will be 2 directories for the single domain than the search engine get confuse to choose the directory to open your website in the browser. So be careful.


STEP 9: Enter your site name

Means you have to enter your website name within the given space. Website name written within the area should be in CAPITAL letters and without www and .com


Means here you have to give a "TAG LINE" to your company. In the market every brand use the tag line to describe their company in a 2 - 3 words. For e.g. -

  1. Amul: The taste of India
  2. Pepsi : Yehi hain right choice baby
  3. Thums Up : Taste The Thunder
  4. Surf : Daag Acche hain
  5. Tata Safari : Reclaim Your Life
  6. Asian Paints : Har Khar Kuchch Kahta hein
  7. Air Deccan : Simplifly
  8. Rasna : I love you Rasna
  9. Frooti : Fresh N Juicy
  10. Coca Cola : Thanda Matlab Coca Cola
  11. Raymond’s : The Complete Man
  12. Bajaj: Hamara Bajaj
  13. Dairy Milk : Swad Zindagi Ka
  14. Bingo : No Confusion, Great Combination
  15. Boost : Boost is the secret of our energy
  16. Polo : The mint with a hole
  17. Lifebuoy : Lifebuoy hai jahan, tandrusti hai wahan
  18. Ceat : Born Tough
  19. MRF : Tyres With Muscle
  20. Idea : An Idea can Change your life
Here are some tagline of the brands. So you can choose your own also. Do not copy from others.



STEP 12: Enter your Admin Username for WordPress Login.

STEP 13: Enter Your Admin Password for WordPress and make sure the strength of the password is completely green.  

STEP 14: Enter Your Email if you have the option otherwise buy commercial email from Godaddy or from other companies.

STEP 15: Select Your Own Language. (**i prefer English because this language is widely used) 

STEP 16: Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) Protect your site against bruteforce attacks by limiting the number of login attempts for your WordPress installation.
If selected Loginizer plugin will be installed and activated with your installation.
Click here to visit plugin site.
STEP 17: Let the features of Advance option remain same.

STEP 18: Now Just click on the "INSTALL" button.

Now your wordpress is ready to install.

Thank you.


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