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How To Add any plugin In WordPress - arcreationsweb

6 plugins in wordpress


Plugin is tool which is available in WordPress to make things easier. Basically what is plugins? Plugins is a part of software family or you can say this the group of function that can be easily added or you can install this in your WordPress to perform a particular action in your website. There are thousands of plugin exist in the wordpress. It offers you to perform so many function without doing a single line coding.

Today i am here to make your all doubts clear about "How a plugin we install in WordPress". I will describe all these thing in a simple steps so anyone can get understand how all these things happens.

 STEP - 1 

Open Your Web Browser, whatever you are using - chrome, firefox, Internet explorer, Bing etc...

web browser to open dashboard
web broeser

STEP - 2

Type the Following url in your browsers url box to open your WordPress dashboard.
how to open wordpress
following url in the url box

STEP - 3

A login Page will be appear like the picture given below - Type your Username and Password in the box.

login page for wordpress
wordpress login page

STEP - 4

Now your WordPress dashboard will appear like this.

how to open dashboard in wordpress

STEP - 5

Now Click On "Plugins" tab.

arcreationsweb plugin tab
plugin tab

STEP - 6

Click On "Add New"

click to add new plugin in dashboard
click add new

STEP - 7

Choose Any One Plugin from - FeaturedPopularRecommendedFavorites

click plugins in wordpress dashboard
choose plugin to install

STEP - 8

Click on "Install Now" button. I am using "TablePress" plugin as an example.

how to search plugin
Installing Now

STEP - 9 

Click On "Activate" button.

wordpress plugins
Activate your plugin

STEP - 10

Your Plugin is now ready to use. Edit according to yours and use it well.

plugins in wordpress
plugin ready to use

So guys in this way you can use the plugin feature in WordPress. You can tell us in comment box how would you feel to read this article? Do share and leave valuable comment in the comment box so we can improve our service quality.

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor) 



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