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how to edit permalink in wordpress

Permalink plays always a vital role, if we talk about rankings in search engine and SEO. To understand all the things about Permalink, first of all we have to understand the concept of the Permalink.

What is Permalink?

Permalink is basically a static link to a particular web page of a entire website or a blog. It is also a URL of a page. When google index your content, google index your content by it's url. In SEO and ranking permalink should be very great. 

Types of Permalink in WordPress.

What Should be Permalink for any Content in WordPress For better SEO result.

There are 6 different types of  permalink exist in the wordpress for all of us. But the main thing is - What is best for us? So guys i want to tell you that the best option and the best url is - Post Name which many bloggers really accepts and they publish their content with this url always. 

What is Post name structure of Permalink? Post name structure of a permalink in which the url of the content includes - domain name and the post title.


  • It is a good and quality url. A good url includes only doamin name and post title.
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Helps to rank well
  • Google includes these types of url quickly.
How to Set the Post Name Permalink in Wordpress

Wordpress is the CMS which allows user to change the permalink format according to their choice. And how to change the permalink it is given below - 
  • Open Your wordpress dashboard
wordpress dahboard

  • Click on "Setting" Tab
click setting tab dashboard

  • Click on "Permalink" option under setting tab.
options in permalink

  • There are 6 options of permalink
types of permalink

  • Click on Post "Name option"
what is post name permalink
Add caption

  • Do not need to touch "optional setting" keep it same as default.
do not touch permalink advance option

  • Click On "Save Changes" button.
how to edit permalink complete guide by arcreationsweb

  • Now your setting is save.
From now your article will be in the format of  domainname/post-title and it will be more easy to rank in all search engine with the good url format. I hope this is all helpful for you. If any doubt comes in your mind after reading it all please do not forget to ask. You can ask your queries - mention it in comment, drop a mail with the query on

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