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Basic elements in HTML for beginners - arcreationweb

elements of html


the HTML tag is also known as starting tag. if the element contain other content so it closing with the help of closing tag. so, this is called as HTML elements.

start tag.

  1. <h1>  = it is called as a heading content. and the closing tag of this element is written like this </h1> .
  2.  <p>   = it is known as paragraph content . and the closing tag of this element is written like this </p> .
  3. <br/> = this is also known as break content and there is no closing tag.
  4. <div> = it is known as division content and the closing tag of this element is </div>.

it is important to know the difference between element and tags:-

Elements = the element is a like the paragraph is an element or the body is an element and even the header is an element and we know most elements contain the other the body element would contain the header elements and the paragraph elements this is properly known as the elements.
html element and tags
Tags  = tag is not the elements themselves rather they are the bit of text is you to convey the       computer where an elements begins and ends and HTML borrow a technique from another languages 
and it is an easy to a computer to determine which parts are markup and which part are the content so, this is known as a tags.

the another basic html elements are as follows:-

types of element in HTML

  1. Body elements.
  2. Document elements.
  3. List elements.
  4. Image elements. 
  5. Style and appearance elements.
  6. Other elements. 

Body element.

what is body element in HTML
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the body element is also a important element in html.without this the HTML is incomplete so, its, the example of the body element is like h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 etc. and it is mainly use to define the content of the document so, this is known as body element.
the body element is also contain P,BR,HR,DIV,BLOCKQUOTE.

Page name (P).

what is page name arcreationsweb

the p is stands for page name and its defines a paragraph in the document usually a whole paragraph <p> is an opening tag and the </p> is an closing tag in the in HTML. in every paragraph before starting we use for paragraph like this <p> and at the end of whole paragraph we use the closing tag like this </p>. so this is a page name part of body element..

break or line break.

what is break <br> element

the break or line break puts a single break in the middle of a paragraph, list items etc. the break line is also a important part of html. this element is used to break the line. between the paragraph.the opening tag of break line is <br/> for example firstly when we starting a new paragraph the first para is complete and then we starting a paragraph before starting a next paragraph we use <br/> this is help to break the paragraph so at the end of the paragraph we put </p> this is a closing tag of the paragraph .and the most important part of this the break tag there is no. closing tag of this,this is a break or line break part of the body element.

hr (horizontal rule).
this is used to write a paragraph in horizontal way or table cell like size and width and it is coming under in the body and it is important to denote the size and width so, it is a horizontal rule.
for example.     <HR  SIZE ="15" WIDTH"90%">.

what is div <div>
it is stands for division and it defines a particular section of the document .used to spread documents attributes across a whole ALIGN VALIGN,etc. and it is also known as important part of HTML .it defines particular section means after section it is easy to understand a document properly and, this is known as division.

Style and appearance elements.

STRONG strong emphasis.

<b> tag

(logical formatting).very important text. generally display as bold it is also a usable thing in all the text software's and it is mainly used to highlights the line or any sentence means when you use bold tag the line will be hard black and the shortcut key of the bold is Ctrl+b .so,this is known as strong emphasis.
and the example is:- <STRONG>arcreationsweb</STRONG>.

EM emphasis.

what is <em>

(logical formatting) important text generally display as italic. this element is used to change the style of the font with this element we change the simple style into italic style.
for example:-<EM>arcreationsweb</EM>.

CITE citation.

what is citation?

title of a cited work and it is also display as a italic. and in this CITE you use any style but it mainly shows text generally like as a italic.
for example:- <CITE>arcreationsweb</CITE>.


what is <u> tag

we use underline to tell the user these line or word is important. or when we think this line is important so, we put underline on it this is known as underline.

image element.

IMG image

what is <img src=""> tag

this is mostly used to display an 'inline'(embedded in the document) or we can say image in the document. source (SRC="") provides the full or partial URL of the image file to use; ALT gives the alternative text for the image like WIDTH,HEIGHT,BORDER,ALT,SOURCES etc.

the suitable example for this IMG image is:-
<IMG SRC="/icons/creations.gif" ALT="arcreationsweb">

list elements.

UL Unordered list
this is bullet list, item in the list are L1 elements. Lists can be nested. in this these lists are unordered
and it is written like this:-

<L1> first item 
<L1>second item

ordered list OL

what is ol listing

in this ordered list all the text or we can say items are arrange in order or in a proper it does not create difficulty to understand it. so, it is very useful in html. so, this is known as ordered list.

<OL TYPE ="A">
<L1>first item
<L1>second item 

LI list items

what is <li> tag

this is list item because it contain it contain numbered list and bullets in it. and it also include other lists (nested lists),line close tags </L1> are optional.
<L1>list item one
<UL><L1>Niggle one <L1>Niggle two </UL>
<L1>list item two

  • list item one.
  • niggle one. 
  • list item two.
  • niggle two.

document elements..

the html stands for hyper text markup language and it tells the browser to include text is in HTML formats elements includes head,body, and other elements.


heand tag and it's functions

header is an important part of html and it is top on the paragraph and it contain only title,and it includes 'header', non displaying information about the document like title tag and other tags.

use of title tag in html - arcreationsweb guide
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title is the top on the paragraph which tells the user to the whole paragraph just to seethe top heading of the table and title is that appear in browser header and on bookmark lists.should e concise and meaningful.


body element in HTML

it is used to define the whole content or we can say everything in the BGCOLOR,BACKGROUND,TEXT,LINK,ALINK,VLINK etc.


example of html element<!--> (comment).
in this other 'comment' which does not display on the browser screen, but can be seen in the file itself when viewing the source or editing the HTML.
<!--this is a>

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