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Today we have a tips for you. We will discuss in detail but before this let me give you the overview about the topic. Actually our today's topic is -  How To add Google Translator In Blogger Website
Why it is important to add google translator in website? This is important for your - 

  • Brand Awareness
  • Audience expansion
  • Your Visitors.
  • Shows you care.
  • Increase Visitors.
 Now i think you can understand why it is important to Add Google Translator in Website. So let's start how you can add google Translator in your website. The steps are given below read all the steps carefully.

STEP 1 - Open Your Web Browser

click your web browser to open

STEP 2 - Go Here

design your own plugin google translator

STEP 3 - Click "Add To Your Website Now" button

click to add this tool to your website
Add caption

STEP 4 - Enter Your Website URL.

what is the url box and url

STEP 5 - Choose Your Website Language

which language is the best for my website

STEP 6 - Click Next.

click here to proceed

STEP 7 - Choose Translation Language

Translation languages

You can choose any one of them. Choosing all Language option will allow you to convert your content in any language and in Specific Language you need to tell the language in which you want to translate the content.
choose your translation language

STEP 8 - Display Mode (Use always Inline Display mode from the drop-down)

There are 3 modes to display this plugin

  • Verticle
display mode of google translator plugin
  • Horizontal
display mode of google translator plugin

  • Drop-down Only
display mode of google translator plugin

STEP 9 - Advance Option 

There are 3 options are given under advance option


Paste your Analytics Web Property ID here:
 (e.g., UA-12345-12)

STEP 10 - Click "Get Code" button and copy the whole code without making any changes in it.

copy your plugin code here
STEP 11 - Loin To your Blogger Account.

how to login my blogger accout

STEP 12 - Click "Layout Tab" in Blogger

layout tab in blogger

STEP 13 - Click Add Gadget option

how to paste code code in blogger

STEP 14 - Choose Tool "HTML/JavaScript"

blogger tools

STEP 15 - Paste The copied Code Here

paste the copied code here of google translator plugin

STEP 16 - Click Save button to save the code

click to add google translator

STEP 17 - Click Save Arrangement Button

google translator adding in blogger

STEP 18 - View Your Blog to see the changes.


So guys in this way you can add google translator tool in your website. I hope you are very clear about this. Until you have any doubts regarding this topic let me know your queries i will help you to solve it. You can ask your questions in comment box and you can also mail us on our mail address i.e arcreationsweb471@gmail.com or arcreations491@gmail.com

Thank you
Ashutosh kumar
writer and editor



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