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Facebook Launching It's New Video chat Device "ALOHA" is Coming Soon - arcreationsweb

Facebook is going to take a big foot step in the field of their hardware. Recently the news is getting viral is - Facebook is going to launch a big screen video chat device for the first time in history. This device will also recognize your face expression quickly. Many of the technology and hardware expert are comparing this device with the previously launched device by the  Amazon’s Echo Show. Both the devices are used to establish a pure connection between the user.

The king of the social media "FACEBOOK" will also launch an application like a skype in which you can video call any of your Facebook contacts and send photos, videos etc which you have saved in your smartphone through that single app alone. You can even play a online group game with your contacts. Actually today i am going to tell you whole about the new gadgets or technology which facebook is going to launch in market soon.

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Facebook Launching: A Aloha Big Screen Video Chat Device Soon .
Like i was telling you that facebook launching it's new hardware device soon. The code name of the device is ALOHA. It will be first product of facebook like this. There are so many features in it. We will tell you in detail here what is it? where is it lauched? what will be price? Is it safe or not? and so many more things just keep reading till the end.

What Is Facebook Aloha Video Chat Device.

Facebook Aloha is video chat device that will be coming very soon in the market. The device is manufacture by Facebook's top hardware engineers. As we are expecting that the device will be very easy to use like anyone can use this device simply. The special attention is given on it's video quality. Facebook do not want any compromises in it. This device will have all the features of skype even more than the skype. 

Features of Facebook Aloha video chat Device.
  • 360 degree camera is there.
  • A smart and quality speaker.
  • 10 to 15 inch Touchscreen device.
  • Automatic Face recognition enabled
  • Android Version has been considered to run this (not confirmed) may be they design their own core system to run this device.
  • Microphone.
Expected Cost Of Facebook Aloha Video Chat Device.
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There are so many rumors in the market with it's price. It's facebook's first hardware product in the market so i do not think that price will be more high. Some websites says that it will cost you - $100, $230, $499, etc... but the price we are expecting is $350 to $500.

Problems With The Facebook Aloha Device

Although it is a very good device but there are some problems with it. Facebook is a big brand in the market so there is nothing big issues that can affect the product in the market. But until there are few reason that may affects in the sale of this new device.

  • It may require high internet speed or wifi network to chat with this device.
  • Security and privacy issues may be seen in it.
  • Price may be also big reason for the peoples. If the cost will high no one will show more interest to this device.
  • Skype will be competitor of it.
Facebook Aloha is Coming Very soon before the next spring.

Facebook aloha is coming soon. The device is already ready at the Facebook center. The employees taking this device to their home for their personal experience with the device. Many sources are saying that the device may launch soon as early as next spring's F8 developer conference. You have to wait till the next spring's F8 developers conference to see the device live. The venue may be UK or US.

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So guys this is all about the new hardware product of Facebook which you will see live very soon around you. Any further thing which you want to ask feel free to comment your query or send us mail on our official mail ID - we will revert to your query as soon as possible. If you like this all please share with your social contacts so they can also read it all to get a brief introduction about the new product.

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