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Google launching Google pixel 2 spec, features,price and design

GOOGLE PIXEL 2. spec,price,features and design..

 Google is an American company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These google company includes online advertising technologies,and search, software. The company owns the Android operating system, and the google company makes some smartphones like google nexus, google pixel  which is the world's most popular smartphone OS. Google's impressive portfolio of services includes Gmail,google duo,google playstore, google assistant,, YouTube, and Google Search, making it one of the biggest and one of the best Internet company in the world. Recently the google launched a new smartphone google pixel 2.

Google pixel 2

Google pixel 2 is great device designed by the google incorporation .this is a great phone developed by Google co. and the main thing of this smartphone is it is totally in build by latest features. This device is great and designed inside and outside by google co. and it is also manufactured by HTC. And it become popular among the users.

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the release date of google pixel 2.

we have not heard any rumors regarding the release date of google pixel 2. in the world there are so many people looking release date of this smartphone because the people are very exited to use this smartphone. According o news the release date of google pixel 2 is between the 3 October 2017 to 6 October 2017.

The features and specifications of google pixel 2.


 Google Pixel 2 devices are set to be armed with more one or more than decent displays, with the larger and good  version benefiting from a quad HD screen. This google Pixel 2 release will have a six-inch screen, with the smartphone version being one inch smaller or equal.


There have been some rumors that the brand new Snapdragon  will be included in the Google Pixel 2,  This would seem to be more realistic if Google intends for the Google Pixel 2 generation to be somewhat affordable. However, this is  still out on this one, and Google could yet arm the Pixel 2 with the 836.


Although 6GB of RAM memory have been linked with the smartphone in some quarters, the consensus of opinion is now that 4GB will ultimately be included. 

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A 64GB storage option has been particularly linked with the Google Pixel 2, but it is believed that the search engine giant may offer other options as well. This could result in consumers being proffered a 128GB model in 2017. However, it is unlikely that Google will embrace micro SD, as the corporation is rather unenthusiastic about the technology.


 the Google Pixel 2 will feature two front-facing stereo speakers, improving sound and music playback in the smartphone. This was not universally popular at the time, but there seems to be less controversy surrounding the mooted decision of Google.


it is believed that a single-lens unit will be included in order to reduces the development costs. Although this may be a slight disappointment, the excellent quality of the camera included in the predecessor and so, many things to the google Pixel 2.

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