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How To Add A Beautiful and Responsive Social Share Bar In your Blogger Site - arcreationsweb

how to add share bar in blogger

Social share button is very important in any website. Whether it is in sidebar or below the page. Do you know why it is important to add this in our site? Let me tell your guys this is very important for your brand awareness on social media, To increase your customer reach, Easy navigation to user who want to share your content if they like it, and so many more benefits are there to have a social side bar in your website. Now the question is if it is important than we should add it but the question is HOW? It's easy to add sidebar in WordPress with so many plugins tool like - DIGG-DIGG, SUMO ME, etc... But who are on Blogger sometimes it's little bit difficult to add sidebar in blogger. The same problem i was facing for last 3 days and today i got 100% success in adding the social media sidebar in my site arcreationsweb.com.

Today i decided to share my way of adding the social bar on site with you guys who are on Blogger. Read the whole article till the end so you can understand better. Now i am going to tell you whole the stuff how i have done it all from scratch to sky. All the things have been described here in proper steps so keep moving steps by steps -

How To Add A Beautiful and Responsive Social Share Bar In your Blogger Site

STEP 1 - Open Your browser


STEP 2 - Search for this Website - 

STEP 3 - Click on Projects in Website


STEP 4 - Click On "Apps & Web design"


STEP 5 - Click Social Button Generator option


STEP 6 - Choose Sharebar Type

Sharebar type

  • Inline horizontal sharebar
  • Floating sharebar

STEP 7 - Choose Floating sharebar.

You should choose 2nd option - Floating sharebar, It shows your sharebar in sidebars otherwise it will show below the page.


STEP 8 - Select Buttons

In this option you can add so many others social media buttons from the following.


STEP 9 - Now Customize The Share bar according to your need and website layout.


STEP 10 - Make sure you have checked this option. Otherwise you have to specify the Page url and Page title.

  Automatically use active page details


STEP 11 - Copy code "In Header" 


STEP 12 - Open Blogger

blogger homepage

STEP 13 - Click Layout option

ho to insert code
STEP 14 - Click Add Gadget in blog sidebar

all gadgets in blogger

STEP 15 - Choose This tool from the all.

Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
By Blogger 

STEP 16 - Copy the whole Code Here.

code of sharebar

STEP 17 - Click Save 

save the code

STEP 18 -  Click Save arrangement

save arrangement to see the result

STEP 19 - Now See your Website

sharebar on your website ready on arcreationsweb.com

In this way you can put a beautiful sidebar in your blogger website. It can change your website view and may give more beautiful look. Any issues while fixing let me know i will help you. Any queries regarding the topic and blogging ask me freely by dropping us a simple mail (arcreationsweb@gmail.com) with your query. You can also comment here your query.

Thank you
Ashutosh kumar
(write and editor)


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