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How To Add Google Map into your Blogger Post - arcreationsweb

how to add google maps in blogger

Google map is a service of google which shows the every corner of the world in front of you in your mobile. New bloggers face so many difficulties while adding up the google map in their article. Google map must required if you are a travel blogger. Just think you are writing an article about the places which you like. Now compare which article will be best - Article with Maps or Article without maps. It is obviously people will love to read the article that has clear maps and all information.

So today we are here to explain all the procedure how you can insert Google maps within your blog post. I have created the simple and easy steps so you can understand them easily.

How To Add Google Map into your Blogger Post.

STEP 1 - Open Your Web Browser

google hrome browser

STEP 2 - Search For "Google Maps" and click First Link.

what is google maps

STEP 3 - Click On Search Google Maps

google search

STEP 4 - Enter the Name of the Place (Which you want to show in the article/post)


STEP 5 - Click Share Option 

click share

STEP 6 - Click Embed Map 

what is embed

STEP 7 - Choose The Size. (Small, Medium, Large, & Custom Size)

what are the size available in google map

STEP 8 - Now copy The whole Code

copy thecode

STEP 9 - Open Your Blogger Account

what is blogger

STEP 10 - Click Edit Option of the Particular post in which you want to insert.

how to insert code in post

STEP 11 - Click HTML of that post.

how to open HTML code of my post

STEP 12 - Pate the Copied Code (Do Not make changes in it)


STEP 13 - Click Save.


STEP 14 - Click Publish.


STEP 15 - Click View.




So guys it's so simple and i hope now it becomes simple for you also. Any issue regarding the following let me help you in solving your problem. You can comment your problem or you can also drop us mail on the given address -

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