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How To Install Windows For Beginners

how to install windows a quick guide

A windows is an operating system without this the system can't run and each version of windows contain graphical user interface(GUI). the windows contains so many folder,files and settings. and it also contains local disk c, local disk d, and local disk e.and windows are most commonly used operating system in the world. and their are several types of windows like windows vista,Linux,windows xp,windows 7,windows 8,and now windows 10. so,finally windows are very this is known as windows.

Lets start how to install windows:-

step 1- Purchase a windows CD from your nearest Microsoft store.

how to insert CD

step 2- Put the windows CD into the drive on your CPU or press F4 to restart your PC.

Windows CD

step 3- Before the screen on you press F10 continuously and then the BIOS will be appear.

BIOS of the computer

step 4- Then the use needs to set the CD-drive as the first boot device in boot category in the                     BIOS system in your computer it is important in boot section.

boot device

step 5- After that you will see the save and exit option in your BIOS click on this option or press             F10 to save and exit. 


step 6- After that so many automatically restarts you see the previous screen with 'press any to  
            key to boot from CD.  

press key to boot

step 7- After pressing any key. use will get a 'install now' dialog box will be appear in front of                 you.

restart now

step 8- After clicking on 'install now' you will get another dialog box will be appear on your                     screen and it tells you to press restart button or clicking on that 'restart now'.

restart now

step 9- After that you get a new dialog box which provides you options to select time,language                 and then click next.
windows 7

step 10- After that you accept a Microsoft licence terms..


                             what are the t&c of windows


step 11- After accepting licence terms and conditions this process will take a sometime atleast                   10 to 15 minutes to installing a window.

 how much time it take to install a computer

step 12- After this all steps your are done with installing windows, now enjoy, and take a tour,as
              windows will pop-up a message for it.

ready to use your windows

you are Done........

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