Sunday, 27 August 2017

latest innovation by google Inc. "Google Lens" -

Latest features about "Google lens" .

Google lens it is an latest innovation by google Inc. and it is very useful for everyone like students, in journeys, and in outside the country. it helps you to find or we can say know about things, like in upper pic 'flowers', and generate bar-code to know about product or anything, and for tourists like best hotels with top ratings.

The first feature is being added to the Google Photos and the AI software Assistant, which is very best available which is used to increasing number of devices in one software. Google Lens which is   uses to  machine learning to recognize photos which has been captured through your smartphone camera. so, that's there is a great invention by google Inc.

A few and great things Lens can do:

  • the main thing in google lens which is always ready to tell you what type or we can say what type of spices of this flower through your smartphone camera.

  •  the google lens in great because of when you see the review and some information about a hotel you just captured a photo by your smartphone and gather the review or what type of information you can see just because with the help of Google Lens.

  • And the best thing and great information about Google lens is when you don,t know your wi-fi password. so, the way to get the password is you just do nothing. In your wi-fi modem in back side you will see a some information about a model you just scanned it in your Google Lens.

The Google Lens is a best and great of several Google I/O attendees for its unbelievable utility and the kind of features that could make the apps that contain it more uniquely useful.

The Google Lens brings Google’s great  use of AI into the physical world and in everything. It is very effectively acts as a search box. That preference has made social network Snap a magnet for younger users, who prefer to communicate with pictures . and more attracts toward this features because in today's generation everybody curious about to know anything which are present in the world.

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