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The top and the best VR games for android -arcreationsweb

VR games for android : is the time ripe for virtual reality and comes in the game future.

name of VR games

the VR stands for virtual reality and the VR is dream for the every Gamers and developers it is built with so many features. like powerful graphic chips, the oculus rift and the most important is high resolution display and HTC vibe with cardboard so, with the help these so many things this VR is made.
And for the  developers and games it is most essential VR platform and recently Samsung has recently developed the VR gear box and it is very popular become the students. and it is very useful for everybody like who watches movies, play games, and watch some 4k interesting videos , and it is easily available and at affordable price in amazon, flip kart etc. its price is under $99. so, if you enjoy movies and games and enjoy your life with latest technology so, it is best for you so, this is a VR BOX.

 Some best and top VR games 2017 :-

 1.  Hunter gate.

about hunter gate

it is one of the best game when we talk about VR games. in this game the world is attacks by the demons and ghosts. and you fight with this demons and ghosts and force them to go back.and to save the world from this demons and ghosts. and this game graphic is very high and it is made with full of fun. and in this game it also contain rolling game element which makes your character stronger and taller over time when you play this game after sometime you learn something new skills. and it is also built with daydream controller and it is used to the controls. and you feel comfort during playing this game.

   2. Polyrunner VR. 


it is also a best for VR. this game is totally based on running means endless runner and its shows a graphic in landscape in this game the best thing is you sit and you crossed the obstacles while collecting bonus points which gives you energy circles. and in this VR does not consist of many more elements. so, i think you will enjoy this great game.

3. Land's end.

land's end

i think this game is for minded persons game because it is totally based on puzzle games and this game is specially designed for the VR in this you awaken in an old civilization. and in this game you don't need a controller because it has own operations and in this virtual lands are also inspired by the remote parts of the earth . and i hope only the minded persons are happy with this game. and who like actions so,it does not like this game. 

4. Inmind VR.

inmind VR

it is very similar to the classic films. and when you wear VR and you find himself in this. and the main in this game is ti shoot your nervous that can cause physiological disorders in the brain of the patient. so, that's why the game is interesting.and this game appearance in VR box is very stylish and in this game you also shoot, this game is very serious and like a task.

5. Anshar wars  2.

anshwar 2

this game very interesting for those who loves action games. and these games graphics are very best to see. and in this game the small little fighter are fights to save the world and victory in space. this game is more fun because its provides a 360 degree. gear VR box. this game connect to a smartphone to control it otherwise this game can't handle and becomes uncomfortable to control this game. and thee most important thing is this game is not considered as a cheap game.

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