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Top 5 Most Watched Video in 2017.

As we talk about youtube than the first things comes into our mind is videos. Youtube is the best place for all who have talents but not the platform to saw their passion. Today we are going to talk about some talents whom do not need to prove their talent to anyone rather their videos speaking the truth. I think you got my point for which I am here, I am writing this article to tell you about those videos which are very popular on YouTube always. So without wasting so much time I am getting started with my list of most watched videos on youtube.

5. 'Uptown funk' by Mark Ronson
This was the best song by Mark Ronson which was released in November 2014. This video get viral in UK as the video uploaded on YouTube. This video hit the record of 2.34 million listens in a week in the UK when it was released in January. This video featuring Burno mars. Details are given below –

 4. 'Sorry' by Justin Bieber.

It is a favourite song of every teenager. When it was released everyone was fan of this song. There is another song Baby by Justin Bieber which was moved down after this one. This amazing video watched by  2,742,248,077 people as yet. Some details about this song is given below –

3. 'Gangnam Style' by Psy.

Gangnam style by Psy is the another video which was very trending at that point of time when it was released. The song is sang by PSY. This video is on the 3rd place among all the video uploaded on youtube. This style got the total 2,941,601,835 views on it’s video. This video was The South Korean K-pop single was the first YouTube video to reach one billion views. This video makes the US President Barack Obama bopping with its iconic moves. 


2. 'See you again' by Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa is a music sensation in the morden era. He earn so much respect an fame in the world. That fame you can see in this video. This is the fabulous and my favourite video as yet after the sorry song. This video has got the 3,067,908,099 views and as you are seein it is on the 2nd position.


1.   'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi

Despacito is the most watched song on youtube as yet. There is no one around this. Luis fonsi is the great singer. Despacito featuring Daddy Yankee has rocketed this video. This video in the Spanish language has also the views close to 3 billion and soon that video will come up in the top videos.

GenresReggaeton, Latin pop

So guys this is all about your most watched video in 2017. For more details you can ask freely we are here to make your queries clear.

Thank you.

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editor and writer.


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