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how to keep my account safe

Security is the primary concern for everyone. There is nothing to take chance with our security. If we talk about the security of social media accounts like - fb, whatsapp, linkedin, tumbler, reddit, stumbleupon, twitter, gmail, google plus, etc... , everyday so many accounts get hacked by so many hackers for their sole.  Now there is nothing to get worry because now we have a protection kit.

Today i am going to reveal my tips about how i safe my account. So let's get start with the tips

Top 5 ways to secure your Social Media Accounts

1. Never Share your Password
never reveal your password

Password is the first major and important thing which through you can get hacked by someone. Never ever share your password with anyone even never with your closed ones too. If you tell your password to your friends or to any of your closest one even they can harm you or they can check your profile without your permission. 


  • Keep Your password strong enough. Your password should contain alphabets, numeric, special character, etc...
  • Never should be your password very simple because if your password is your DOB, Your name , your address, anyone can guess all these simply. 
  • Never share your password.
  • Avoid fraud call.
2. Never Share your OTP

OTP one time password

OTP is One Time Password it can be a key of your lock of social account. When someone tries to reset your password or username the company sent a OTP for verification. If you tell this verification code anyone else than he can get verified easily and can access your account easily. So avoid to tell these all.


  • Never share your OTP.
  • Keep your OTP private.
  • Avoid fraud calls.
  • Delete the OTP message after using it.  
3. Log Out always.

how to log out

Never forget to log out your account. Some of us thinks that whats the need to log out. Guys let me tell you that if you do not do this you account can easily hacked and your account is like a sweet for the hacker. He will take your account on charge. 


  • Log out always. 
4. Never Connect with Unknown Identities.

never connect unknown identities

People loves to increase their followers and friend list in their account but guys it can be harmful for your account. Connecting unknown person is harmful because we do not know each other, we do not know their intentions why he want to connect with us may be there is some danger. So keep yourself away from the person if you don't know.

  • Never add unknown into your followers and friend list.
  • Never ever chat with them.
5. Do not Click

unkown file

You can never get hacked until you do not mistake by yourself. Sometime hackers sent some links or attachments with their messages to you. As you click on the following link or attachments you may realize that you are hacked by someone. By clicking on that links or attachments your information transferred directly to the persons who want to access .your account. 

  • Never click unknown persons link or attachments.
  • Stay aware from the fraud links while surfing on internet.  
So guys you should follow these all to stay safe or if you do not want to get hacked. I hope now you have learned about how to secure your account. Until you are feeling doubts let me know what is your problem. We are here to help you. Tell us your problem in comments or you can mail us at

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)



  1. nice to read this article

  2. It would be the thing to do on the first priority for securing the social account that I have been using from a while. The problem of hacking has been increasing all the times these days.

    1. Yeah so the first priority is the security for any user. Secure your account. I already mentioned so many tips to secure your here.

      Thank you
      Ashutosh Kumar
      founder and CEO at arcreationsweb