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YouTube Makeover: YouTube's new Mobile app, Dark Mode, Logo and so more - arcreationsweb

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Like we all knw that youtube is a very popular service of google. Many of us are interacts with this app everyday. We all know that it is the most popular and helpful medium which through so many youngsters are doing really well in the market and branding their name as well. Some of the examples are BB ke Vines, amit badhana, AVR prank tv, BOB channel, etc... There is a news trending about this app is that Google is going to redesign it's product YouTube. Today i am here with the list of what are the changes google will make in YouTube. Guys let's start with what the google actually change.

YouTube's New Mobile App includes these Special feature.

With so many feature google has launched it's new YouTube app. The new app has so many new and improved features and people are saying that " it is more engaging than previous one. Let's take a look on it's key features -


Design of the YouTube has been changed with the new one. Now The navigation tabs are settled  to the bottom and now you will see two new tabs – one is Library and another one is Account. The header is in white so that the content can take the lead.


In the new modified app you will get the best gesture with double - tap in right and left side of the YouTube interface which fast forward or rewind 10 seconds of a video. Soon you will see an another gesture that will allow users to jump between videos with a swipe of your hand means swipe left to watch a previous video or swipe right to watch the next one. in the another upgraded version.

Speed control

In this makeover you will also get a high and better control on the speed of video. You can  either slowdown or fast-forward the videos at whatever speed you prefer.

Aspect ratio

Very soon YouTube team is planning to give a better view for the users means player will seamlessly change shape to match the video format, like vertical, square or horizontal. That means we can get better viewing experience no matters what the video format is either it is in vertical or horizontal format. We will not see the black sidebar if the video is in vertical format.


The updated app shows a row of suggested videos at the bottom while watching videos in full screen. 

YouTube's Dark Mode Feature for Night man

dark mode youtube
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If you are the late night user of YouTube than there is also something for you guys. YouTube is has officially rolled out its "Dark Theme" that, when activated, turns all the the light surfaces of the page dark in your browser. So now you can watch more video without giving a stress to your beautiful eyes.

According to YouTube, creating this mode to give "a more cinematic look" for their viewers, and also make it more comfortable to browse and watch videos at late night.

YouTube's New Logo Launched

In the previous design the YouTube logo is something like this - The "Tube" word of the YouTube was in red colored rounded rectangle with the word "You". But now in the new logo That rounded rectangle shifted as "video" sign before the word "You". Like this -


So guys this is all about your new youtube app. Tell us in comment box did you like this feature of new you tube app. If you want to ask anything else about this feel free to ask. Mail your query on our mail id

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