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5 ways to fire-up your Backlink count upto 1000 in Just a Week - arcreationsweb

Are you feeling very depressed with your CPC and RPM rate? Your website is not receiving a good amount of traffic which you are expected? Your website is not performing well in the market? Alexa rank is not decreasing? Earning is not increasing? Your site is not ranking well in the search engines? So guys if your are a blogger than you may know all these stuff and you have already faced all these many times. But there are very few in the market who exactly know how to tackle with these situation. And i can say i am one of them who know how to deal with these all issues. Here is a website "" that's only a 2.5 month old domain and having all the things, It has search engine ranking, goodgle adsense, avg CPC $0.50 RPM $10.00 performing well in the market and Alexa Rank is 75L approx.

You can also have all this with your domain with the trick which is i am going to tell you here. There are so many ways to tackle all these problem but the fastest way to build your site worth is a Large No. of backlinks.  Do you know about backlinks? If yes than this article can help you to increase your backlink count quickly or if your are one of them who do not know about this than do not worry just read this article till the end. You will get clear about this all like What is Backlink? Benefits of Backlink? How to increase your Backlink count and so more. So let's start without loosing so much time because it is more than precious.


Backlink means which actually link back to your site. The impact of backlink is greater on any site. You can get understand better with this example:
Website A is a restaurant and it gets a backlink from Website B which is a prominent food review blog or website. This is a valuable, natural, and relevant backlink that Website A has gained.

Importance of Backlinks 

Backlink are most and vital part of any website. It is most important for so many reasons like -

  • Backlinks helps to rank quick in search engines.
  • It makes your site popular in your field.
  • Helps to get good CPC and RPM.
  • Helps to increase your DA and PA
  • Give quality to the guest post.
How To Boost Up your Backlink Count.

There are so many ways to earn backlinks on internet but the tips here i am going to share are most effective and SEO friendly. I have already experienced this all with my blog. It is 100% working tips and followed by so many bloggers to get backlinks.

1. Write a Quality content on Your Site

This is the best way to get better backlinks to your site. If you write well than others blogger with the same topic content will link your content within their blog. A well written content is important to get quality backlink for your site. This is top most way which you can can high DA and PA backlinks. If any blogger to redirect anyone with the liink than he want a good quality site and good written content otherwise why he will redirect their visitor.

2. Build Broken Links

Broken links always leads your blog to dark side of the blogging. Broken links are created when you delete something on your website after posting. Every blog suffers from this problem but they regularly fixing it and helps to give up to date links to their visitor. So keep researching on your broken links and fix it as you got any.

3. Guest Posting

This is the best and very simple way to get backlink from the website which you actually want. This option offers you to choose the backlink website according to you. In this sectioon the only thing which you need to do is - find a guest posting corner where you can easily write and submit your blog. Write your content and insert some links which redirects to the website. Whenever you are don than just submit to the blog. And the last one is do not forget to write about author at the end o your every guest post article. Article should be attractive so it becomes easy for the othere blogger to publish your article easily.

4. Commenting on Others site.


This is very simple and basic technique which you can easily get better quality backlinks. In this section you just need to search about the topic on inter on which you have already written an article. For an example - I am writing about Backlink whenever i am done what i will do next is i will search about backlinks and i will check the search result.sites and check their DA and PA. I choose those website to comment whose DA and PA is high. I will just go and type my comment in the comment box on the blog and also i will give my this posts url in Website option. and i will hi comment button. It means i have given my url to that website, It is very obious that visitors may click on my comment than that good DA and PA site will generate backlink for me. In this way you can generate a large amount of backlink for your site.

5. Participate in Forums 


Forum is just a place where anyone can discuss with anyone who is online on that forum. You can ask there your queries and can put your questions others will answer if they like to answer your question. What you need to do is just complete your article and hit publish and share as much as you can and the last thing you need to do is just follow a forum site like etc... I used to participate in this forum for my every query. You have ask questions about the topic which you have written and answer other question which you like. During the conversation you can leave your url there and it may be possible that many people may come to your sit to read full answer if your answering well to the audience. Search questions answer forum and participate in it. You can easily get backlink from this technique.

So guys this is all about how you can build backlinks for your site. Through these techniques you can make more than 1000 backlinks for your website. If you get into an any problem while performing any technique please let me know i will help you with the same. You can ask your query in comment box or ou can simply mail us at 

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)


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