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8 Tweaks to increase your visitor count to 1000 or more a Day, Being a Newbie - arcreationsweb

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Are you messed up with your website due to very less visitor count? You don't have the way to solve this issue. You are writing well and sharing well but the visitors are not growing up. See if your are encounter with these issued continue read this amazing article you will definitely get your answer and may be helpful in increasing your visitor count. I am also a newbie for this industry but i am regularly getting 200 to 1000 page views daily and more comes from the foreign country like US, UK, Canada, Philippians, Mayamar, etc... Just a 1.5 months back I was like you and facing the same problem which you guys are facing right now with your blog. At that point time i used to write well, share well but the results were not matching the efforts which i was really putting in it.

I thought that it's not the right way which i am following, I decided to learn everything about content marketing and social media and now the results has started coming out as i expected to see. Today i am here with you to tell how you can increase your page views to 1000 per day with simple techniques that i follow every time. So without loosing so much time let's begin with my tips and tricks.

8 Simple Tweaks to increase Your Visitor Count to 1000 in a Day

These are the 8 Tweaks that are actually you need to increase your visitor count. These techniques surely increase your traffic by 1000.

1. Your Content is King

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As your heard many times that everyone says your content is king if your are selling content to the user. Your content should be very amazing, attractive, interactive and informative. It should be normal in length like 500 to 1000 words are enough. Title of the content should be attractive and short in length like maximum 7 - 10 words. Write always about the trending in your field. Try to write everyday at same time in this way you are telling your visitors that you regularly updating your site. Try to write news, any tutorial or some useful information that actually your user need. Maintain curiosity in your content and try to reveal your information slowly. Make your own examples to make your user understand what you want to say. Make clear cut points in your content. In this way you can create boom with your content on internet.

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2. Boost your Social Media

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At very initial level when we are just start our blog. Many of us do not have enough money to spend on advertising and in all promotional issue and we think that blogs need promotion to expand the brand in the market yes we can not ignore promotional thing but at very initial level we can go with the social media networks. These networks are very useful and helpful to create brand awareness in the community. On social media you can post your links and create your pages so users can get interact with your blog or website.  Some of the best social media to increase your visitors are - facebook, linkedin, Reddit, stumbleupon, twitter, tumbler, etc... Through these social media you can start promoting your brand name to the public.

3. Increase Backlink Count

Backlink is a very popular word in the field of blogging and web development and may you hear about this word. Do you know what is Backlink? NO, Actually Backlink for your blog is the link which send the visitor to your blog back. It is very good for any blog for ranking, for earning and for better position in search engines. Backlink count for arcreationsweb is 286 in just a month. Build valuable links. If you do this than there will be so many links on internet that send the visitors back to your site means through this technique you can increase your visitor count for sure in a week. There are so many ways to create backlinks, If you have some money to spend for your blog than you can buy the links from trusted sites.The another way but completely free is write post on high da and pa sites.

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4. Post To linkedIn.

Linkedin is a best way to interact with customer directly. You can share your content directly to your audience. More people love to read on linkedin. Whenever you are finished with your article publish it as a article on LinkedIn as fast as you can. You can hire someone for your content writer work also from linkedin. Linkedin helps you to build professional network for your blog. People will get to know your blog as a company.

5. URL submission

URL submission is must necessary to increase visitor count. URL submission is like your are telling your blog url to the search engines and let them know you have successfully updated your blog and please include this url to your search engine database. If they include your blog to search engine the search engine start showing your blog as a search result with the requirement of query. To go individually to each search engine is very time consuming and lenghty process so there are so amny mediators who offers to submit your blog at once only. The website which i use to submit my blog is  you can also use this and it's safe to use. If you do not want to use this go directly to your webmasters of google and bing and submit your sitemaps there.

6. Focus on "On - page SEO"

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SEO is must for every blog and bloggers need to perform this technique every time. There are basically 2 types of SEO technique exist in the blogging field one is on page SEO and the another one is off page SEO. To increase your visitor count we need to perform on page SEO technique. Let's uderstand first what is on page SEO and what it includes. A on page SEO techniques includes the following things - page titles, meta description, meta tags, body tags, keyword density, image seo, and internal linking. To know more about this visit this - 8 Great On page SEO techniques. These techniques will help you to increase your visitor count for sure.  And also helps in better SEO for your site. On page SEO is meant to be goog for high CPC and RPM.

7. Use StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social network which is very useful and helps it's user to find something exciting and helpful. It is like search engine where so many web pages are stumbled every day. I am describing  it separately just because it is very different from other social networks. You do not need to do any black magic here. You just need to go to the stumble upon website and add your page there so people can also stumble your pages also. Millions of visitors comes everyday to that single website so it may be possible that you can gain 300 to 500 visitors from there if you have written well.

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8. Advertising

This last in the list just because here you need to loose your pocket little bit. Advertising is must important and may be you can get thousand of visitors per day if you advertising your content. There are two types of advertisement like one is social advertisement and one in television advertisement it depends how much is your budget. I would prefer to invest in social media advertising here you can get more visitor in less amount.

In this way you can increase your visitors count from the first day of your blogging carrier. If you are facing any problem while performing any steps let me know i will help you in that. Feel free to ask anything about blogging and any steps which is written over there please write it in comment i will revert to your comment or you can simply mail us at

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)


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