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Apple iPhone 8 on September 12 and best 4 features in this -

Apple iPhone 8 on September 12 and top features we expect in this new device.

Apple iPhone 8 launch will take place on September 12, 2017. Apple’s event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater,which is a top priority for the company.and The Steve Jobs Theater is in the new Apple Park campus in the one that looks like a giant spaceship and very beautiful and its very huge.

 the most important news is apple makes his 10th anniversary for their and our best selling devices. and we know the apple 8 is lunching and it gathers some awesome features and great major changes in iPhone 8..

The latest features in iPhone 8.

1.   iPhone 8 OLED bezel-less display.

The iPhone 8 gets some new features and the one feature is OLED bezel-less display. the display of iPhone 8 is  5.8 inch. but the best part is bezel screen it is present on the top and bottom of the screen and it provides more compact and it is similar to the Samsung galaxy S8.

2.    iPhone 8 home button is gone forever.

In iPhone 4S,5,5S,and 6 the home button is present at the bottom of the screen. but in iPhone 8 the home but is eliminate by the Apple company it is also the latest feature in the iPhone 8. and it also provides some better features like you will do multitasking screen and home screen and gestures the iPhone 8 the the best software can be managed in the up to the middle of the screen.

3.   Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging.

In iPhone 8  they don't need a wire charger because the wireless charger is the new feature are present in this. it s very comfortable because it moves from one place to another and you can charge anywhere without electricity.It added the iPhone will use inductive charging at 7.5W, which is half the speed of the latest. and it will get fast charging capabilities. 

4Apple iPhone 8 Glass and steel design.

 The aluminium chassis we saw on the earlier phone is gone, and instead Apple is opting for a metal glass design.Apple will adopt the glass and steel design previously seen on iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 for the iPhone 8. it is the best feature because the iPhone 8 is costly so, that everyone wants to be protect to this device. and its service charge is very high..

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