Monday, 25 September 2017

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Best games for PC in 2017 -

best games for PC in 2017

Top 5 best PC games This 2017

1. Rising storm 2: Vietnam

it is the best PC game in this generation. it is very exiting and attractive game for all game lovers and when any one play this game it provides great experience about gaming. It is a combination of 64 players, Tactics-heavy shooting of the red orchestra and great rising storm series and in this game the best is automatic weapons in both hands and it has a great graphics. Some dangerous smoke grenade 
and the speed and accuracy of this game is excellent and best game in 2017.

2. Vanquish


vanquish it is a great action game in 2017 this game is always top after year and year because of this graphics and attractive features and this game is supported more than 4 languages and it is based on 3D shooting game including a fast-paced style of game play and gain the great response among the users so, it is also best game among all.

3. Resident evil 7

resident evil 7

it is the most horror game ever it is developed and published by Capcom. the release date of this game is January 2017. in this game the man searching his wife Mia and in this game the man trying to save his wife and you know it is a first full length game developed in the RE engine. and when you feel this game you feel fear because the graphic of this game is very high and attractive and i thing it is the best game for horror game lovers.

4. Prey


it is a shooting game developed by human head studios. this game is totally based on as he, his girlfriend, and grandfather are abducted aboard an alien spaceship known as the sphere and it takes woods and vegetables from earth means it is a great game when you will these games graphics are high and it supports more languages this game new series was developed and launched in 2017 so, these is also a best PC games in 2017.

5. Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior

 Sniper 3 ghost

This is also a great horror game ever this games graphics is also very high and especially the horror game lover love this game after playing this and it is developed by city interactive . In this game there was a two brothers who carries some great weapons to kill some ghosts in the jungle and it is also the best game so, please and enjoys this great games..

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  2. Still the excitement of playing this game is the same that it was having with the first version of this game. The sensation of this game is being increasing with the arrival of new version.

    1. Yes it's a sensation. Play this

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    1. Yes we do not display any illegal content or any copied video. You will find here complete original and i always try to keep originality. Keep visiting us!

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