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Best video editing software's for windows in 2017 -arcreationsweb

best video editors

Best video editing software's for windows in 2017

1. Lightworks


Lightworks it is a great software for video editing it is top because it provides you great and some unbelievable features where you can work on it easily just taking with the help of some knowledge and it is very best in and very popular among video editors and it is also helps in to develop a great movies as well as great Time-lapse and do some more great things and with the help of Lightworks
put professional quality tools which is with in the reach of everyone and it is the best software available here with great features


  •   All major operating systems. ...
  •   Unmatched format support. ...
  •   Dedicated Web Export (MPEG4/H.264) ...
  •   Optimised for speed. ...
  •   World class Trimming for fast precision editing. ...
  •   Multicam Editing. ...
  •   Powerful, realtime effects with inbuilt presets. ...
  •   Enhanced VFX with Boris FX.

2. Shotcut 


It is also great video editing software and it is most used by filmmakers and some professional video editors and in this software there are most filters when we comparison to others and when you learn this software means how to operate then you will be a master in video editing it offers all the operating systems and it also gathers a intuitive interface and it also provides some great and attractive features which has been helped you to make your self video like a professional video .so, it is the best video editing software for you tubers and for anyone. because it is easy to handle and learn



  •   Audio scopes: loudness, peak meter, waveform, spectrum analyzer.
  •   Volume control.
  •   Audio filters: ...
  •   Audio mixing across all tracks.
  •   Fade in and out audio and fade video from and to black with easy-to-use fader controls on   timeline.

3. VSDC free video editor

 VSDC free video editor

it is also a great and the best video editing software an it is also provides a great feature and it s very popular among video editors in the world. and it is non-linear video editing and it is also a combination of stacked with tools, with more added of all time and easy to master means it is very easy to handle. This software contains so, many filters with so, many features and it upgraded every month so, it is best software for video editing in 2017.


  • Gradient tool supported;
  • Deinterlacing filter added;
  • Blending modes and a mask tool supported;
  • Instagram-like filters and Quick styles tool for express color correction.
  • Color correction (brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation, gamma, etc.) effects - allow adjustment of tonal range, color, and sharpness of video files and images;
  • Grayscale effect creates a black and white video image;
  • TV effects (Aging TV, Broken TV, Noise TV) – either create an old movie effect adding scratches, noise, shake and dust to video, as if it's being played on an old projector, or make a torn film footage effect when a video's occurring from the bottom part of the screen and is disappearing in the upper part;
  • Blur and sharpen effects - visually smooth and soften an image, or make video image better focused;
  • Pixelazation effect – imitates enlarging of a digital image further than the resolution of the monitor device;

4. Avidemux


It is a very great and attractive software for video editing and easy to use and the main thing of this software is it gathers lot of features like contrast, filters and many more. It is totally full of fun and and great graphics like you will see in the above feature it see very simple and great. This software is clear interface and finally it contains lot of Export features but it stands in no. 4th position because of his one disadvantage is in this software there is no timeline.



  • Insert audio streams into a video file. 
  • Extract audio streams from video files. 
  • Built-in subtitle processing, both for Optical Character Recognition of DVD subtitles and for rendering hard subtitle. 
  • Apply visual effects to video and transcode video into various formats. 
  • Supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF. 
  • An entire project, complete with options and preferences, can be saved in one file.

5. Hitfilm Express

hitfilm express

The position of these software is 5th but it does not mean it is not a good software while it it also a great software among all in these software lists it contain so, many realistic feature as you can see above in this pic there is a simple women but after using these great software the women become a superhero so as you can see avenger's movie in this movie the iron man character is also created with the help of this software. but i think it is a great software with the full package of some great and attractive features like so, many filters, and some realistic movie creations so, finally it is also a great software when anyone talk about editing


IconColor correction
IconColor grading
IconGradients & fills
IconLights & flares
IconParticles & simulation

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