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Google chrome now completes 9 yrs. but five hidden features we don't know in browser -

google chrome

Google Chrome now completes 9 yrs. but five hidden features we don't know in browser.

 the google chrome was launched in September 2 2008, and we know the browser was launched by the biggest company Google, and after 2008 there were so, many changes..... 

 Google chrome completed its 9th anniversary yesterday. and we know the Google chrome was launched by the Giant Google. today, the Google company is the biggest company in the world and this company innovates and develops so, many features in this and inside the Google company........ and after 9 yrs so many peoples in the world they does not know some great and awesome features in Google chrome..

Some hidden great features in Google Chrome..

* the hidden feature is :-

1. incognito mode.
2. Omnibox.
3. Drag a URL to the bookmark.
4. Get all your accidentally closed tabs open at ones.
5. drag multiple tabs.

1. Incognito mode.

incognito mode

so, many peoples in the world they don't know the use of "Incognito mode" in Google Chrome. this is a great feature in Google Chrome and the best thing of incognito mode we don't know. the use of incognito mode is that your browser doesn't keep a track of your browsing history and they also protect from harmful cookies.and this option is when you browsing something that you might not want the world to know about. and they can still log your IP address. so, this is a great feature now we know what is incognito mode.

2. Omnibox.


it is also a great feature in Google Chrome but we don't know about this this Omnibox a person can search automatically through many websites without going to those sites.and the one requirement is they should be there is your list of search engines.

3. Drag a URL to the bookmark.


the best thing of URL is when if you want a quick access to your website you visit so, fast, and it is a great hidden feature in Google Chrome in this first you will copy a URL and then paste on your bookmark. after that when you open the site then go to the bookmark and then then dragging a URL to the gives you a fast access without written a website name again and again.

4. Get all your accidentally closed tabs open at ones. 
sometime mistakenly we close all the tabs. and this is also a great feature because when we closes all the tabs mistakenly and this feature is helps to get back all the tabs again at once. It is done first just right click on another open tab and select reopen closed tabs. or with the help of keyboard through just pressing control-shift-T and in mac laptops or computers you just pressing command-shift-T. and with the help of this things you can reopen the closed tabs.

5. drag multiple tabs.

multiple tabs

this feature is also very good. a person is very familiar with dragging and dropping tabs. the thing the people may don't know is it can be done more than one tab at a, let starts how it works. firstly just press long control key and suddenly click on all the tabs you can wish to move them once at a time and when you using the mac then just hold the command key on your PC. 

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