Friday, 15 September 2017


iPhone X will have wireless charging with Qi and Air power

iphone wireless charging

The new technology was developed by the Apple Inc. the Wireless Charging with QI and Airpower.
and finally Apple launched it on Tuesday and the new glass iphone technology gives it new look and give him ability to incorporate the OI  wireless charging standard.
and here the new two mats was developed by the smartphone accessories makers Mophin and Belkin was already on apple website..


other smartphone charging mats like Samsung smartphone charging mats was already available in the market and work well without any disadvantages.

Phones that support QI charging

qi charging

  1.     Samsung Galaxy S5.
  2.     Samsung Galaxy S6.
  3.     Samsung Galaxy  Edge.
  4.     Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  5.     Google Nexus 4-7.
  6.     Motorola Droid Maxx.
  7.     Nokia Lumia 920.
  8.     Nokia Lumia 928.
Apple has also shown its own wireless charging accessories called an "Airpower". 

Airpower charging at-least 9 smartphones iphone 8, iphone X and the Apple watch series 2 and series 3.   

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