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This is a very important article which i am going to tell you now. Everyone want to earn well but they do not know how? We have 4 - 5 stages in our life 1) Childhood 2)Teenage 3) Adult 4)Young 5) Old. Most of the people want to earn very quickly at very early stage. Today i especially talk about the different phase of the life i.e student life. In this stage most of the student find that they have not enough to spent to live and enjoy the life. You know very well if you are a student that we got money from our parents only to travel or to have something while travelling but that's not enough actually. A student need more money to spend over their studies, to have fun or chill out with friends, almost for everything we have to ask for money to our parents.

But from now Be the self dependent never depend on other for anything just make your own way to solve the problems. Today i have bought something like which through you can earn and manage your own need and expenses by own earnings. You can do that if you know about internet, how to operate websites and apps that's more than enough to earn. There are so many different ways to earn online but the the top 10 are explained below. These sources are completely legal and no one will point you that from where you are earning these pennies.



So without taking more time let's begin with the sources which through you can earn and live well.

Google ad-sense is a primary source for every bloggers which through they can start earning on the blog. It is a service of google which is completely free.  to have this opportunity you should have your BLOG first otherwise it will not permits you to advertise. You can manage your blog with the studies easily. You have to just follow the google instructions and rules. And most important write well and give your 100% t the services which you are offering to the audience whether it is physical product or written content. Just do your best. Google adsense give your money for what you love to do. Some useful links are given below to know more about adsense and blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing
It is an amazing ways to earn money on your blog without investing even a single dollar. Affiliate marketing is very popular source of earning you may know about this one if your are a blogger. Affiliate is just like referring your visitors to the others site for each sale through your site you will get commission on that. It is very helpful for growth of your blog and also for monetization. There are so many companies who offer this service like amazon, flipkart, ebay etc... there is no any strict rules and regulation to get connected with affiliate sources it is safe and legal to do that. Some useful links are given below, click the link below if you are not connected with affiliate as yet.

You can go with these affiliates network at your initial level. My blog is also connected with amazon and flipkart affiliate network.

  • Sell Your Ad Space 

It is not so popular but it is a best way to monetize your site. When you install any theme or template for your blog there are several ad spaces are predefined which are especially made to advertise on your site. You can also sell your ad space to other brand in the market for the particular amount which actually worth your site. If you agree to sell your ad space to the company than you can not advertise other brands on this space, if you do so you will be get punished by paying some plenty to that party. Few places are mentioned which through you can buy or sell your ad space. 

  • Link Sharing 
If you are a good blogger and your blog is at good stage with good DA and PA and alexa rank than others blogger will contact you to share their blog links on your website at that moment you can do two things either you can exchange links or you can demand for payout. There are so many website who charge to share links to their websites charges may be fluctuate $1 to $1000. It is great deal but you have to make your blog very well to earn through this. 

  • Website selling
This is the another and safest way which through you can generate your income all at once. In this category you just need to make a site with good layout, better user experience, good amount of visitors than you can sell out your website to some one for the particular amount that suites you and your site. There are so many web developer living on this earning source - They make their website and sell after few months of working. You can easily sell your website for $10 to as much as your site worth.

So guys this is all about how you can make money online by just investing some of your time on internet. Learn more and keep reading about these stuff. Your curiosity is most important you will earn as much as your potential is there. It is not a black magic that suddenly gave something to you. You have to work regularly and keep patience result would definitely come. 

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)



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