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WhatsApp new feature Gets Picture-in-Picture Video Calling -


WhatsApp new feature Gets Picture-in-Picture Video Calling...

whatsapp is a biggest social media app in whatsapp have more than 1 billion users over 180 countries . the main use of whatsapp is stay in touch with friends and family members. this app was owned by Facebook inc. in 2014 and present. every month whatsapp got some interesting new features like video status and more. according to users need and another is calling feature and with the help of this feature the whatsapp makes easier and best..

Whatsapp has rolled Two new features:

Feature no. 1


the first feature is like picture in picture it is a great feature which allows the user to resize the video calling window and also move the video calling should they want to also text to a friends and family members or do something else and it is supported all the android smartphones and it is also supported in all the Iphone versions supported this functionality. this feature makes whatsapp easier and attractive.

Feature no. 2

whatsapp new features

the second feature is like in previous version the whatsapp user have text only update has their status. and the whatsapp users also put pictures and video as status update and also text overlay because of good looking status. the new whatsapp versions build on android  it's v2.17.323; on iOS, it's 2.17.52 .
lets users choose the background color and add the text. These text-only statuses also have just up to 24 hours of visibility. whatsapp has a capabilities to adding a new features.

and the company also announced some some great tools with their business customers. the major functionality is online mode of payment or make more interest in digital payments.  

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