Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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Blogging vs. JOB: What you Will Choose? - arcreationsweb

blogging vs job - arcreationsweb

Today the i am going to explain i do not know how much it worth it to you but it really worth's to me. As i experienced that so many bloggers are living their lives at the fullest with the blogging money and they are actually happy with it. I am not judging all the bloggers by this may be some people are not earning well but yes some day they will be. You just have to stay chilled and calm. We will discuss all in this post.

If i say there is very big difference between Blogging and A JOB. Blogging can give you everything which you wish but job can't give you all which you wish as i know about blogging. I met so many peoples everyday who are doing job right now but not satisfied with their income and all. I hope now you are getting me what i am trying to saying you. So without wasting so much time let's start out discussion.

Blogging - What is it?

blogging vs job - arcreationsweb

Blogging is just taking out your idea in front of the world through your writing. Blogging is the one of the best way which through you can explore your internal and especially writing skills. Blog is the another word driven from "web logs". It is very similar to the Website. In this time of un-employment you should start with your own blog by managing the JOB also.There are so many different advantages of Blogging which you will read here. I am going to write few of the most important benefits although there's a lot to know.

  • Be Your Own Boss - This is only way where you can start your own venture without getting any permissions from others. It always feels good of being own boss rather work for others. I always hate to work for others and i know no one feels good to do this. Can you believe that anyone can enjoy by doing work for others. In blogging you are your own boss work as much you can only no need to push your body for more. Just enjoy your work. You can plan your work as you wish to plan no one will interfere in your planning. 
  • Unlimited Online Money - If you say you will make money from the first day of your blogging then let me tell you that "Blogging is like fruit which you can eat only when you grew this" It is like a story which i am telling you here :
You starts your Blog - You are ploughing your field.
You upload some content on it - Like You are throwing seeds in your field
You are regular with your blog - You are putting some water on the seeded area.
You are working very hard - You are not getting anything, just putting water around the area.
You are working with the same stamina and same hope - One day seed sprouted
You will get an earning opportunity - A new fruit are on the tree 

With this story you will get the fruit to eat, when it becomes ready to eat. This fruit is for who is actually deserves for this. I hope you understand what i am saying. 
  • Improve your Skills - You can improve your skills here by just doing this. Because here you will get feedback from so many other peoples who are reading or seeing your talent. People will guide you here as their experience. You will get to know more as more as you connected to the people who are of your job.

  • Wide Area to Make Money - In job you can not explore your work, you just have to complete your work and submitted it to your boss. But here's you are your own boss so explore your work as much as you can because we also know that blogging is an international platform. 
  • Become a Better writer and Author - Blogging is the golden place for those who love to write and want to become an author and writer. In blogging you need to write very well, if you are very well in writing so just try to making out some ideas to write and star your own blog and write all these stuff to it and post. In future may some one likes your writing than you can start selling your self written books online. 
  • Build Your own Network - Everyone says that there is very big network behind every rich person so at this note i want to say that blogging is the best way to build your own network. Start promoting your brand and make the people fan of your blog. They will follow you, they will support you and all. But it takes some time to build up the network.
  • Financial Freedom - If you do blogging with your passion than definitely you will achieve the financial freedom. Do you know what is it? Financial freedom means you have enough money you have enough time to spent all your time and money with your friends, family, and others.  
JOB - What is it?

blogging vs job - arcreationsweb

If i ask a average person who do not know about blogging and about this world then he would definitely say JOB. But if you tell them about the blogging and it's advantages than i can guarantee you that after get to know about Blogging He will be with Blogging. Do you know the full form of JOB - Juice Of Body, Just Obey Boss. Are you ready to obey someone i am not? In earlier day getting Job was very easy but in these time it is all about getting a water pool in the desert.

  • Fixed Salary - You will get a fixed salary in Job. And i am telling you the salary never match your effort which you actually puts to accomplish the work. So you will be very managed with the amount you can't enjoy your life you will just live it.
  • No Time - People who do any jobs they have no time to do something extra activities. They are bound to their time limit and They are like a machine which work only for 9 to 5. 
  • Security - People loves to get secure in their live but they do not know security is not a security of their life at all. Many people never enjoy the actual life in the fear of getting insecure.
  • You can't explore - If you are doing the JOB you can explore yourself with your own talent. Because JOB has no time to do experiments. 
  • Loss of Self - Esteem - In the job period every time and every second employee has a fear of loss of self esteem. Nothing is going to right with you if the boss mood's is not good. Boss can hurt your self esteem anytime and anywhere. And i can say this that you can not do anything to the boss after happening this all. 
  • Brain full of frustration - People do not know hows their day is going to pass with them. Most of the time guys are frustrated when they come back to the home. Sometime in frustration they even do not know who they are actually. According to me a frustrate man can't do anything except thinking. In frustration commits suicide, just becuase they got hurt badly by the Boss.   

If you talk about these days people are literately mad about getting. People waste so much of their time in giving interviews waste so much money by paying to the consultants. Do you know if they have some talent and if they invest all these money to bring their talent out in the market i can guaranteed you they will be more happy with that and also they will earn a lot. They do not need to sacrifices their need they can live their lives at the fullest. Governments are also telling to their public that start something their own it is not good to wait for the Job because There is very less no of jobs, Competition is very tough. In India un-employment is at their peek and people are everyday starting something their own. There are so many blogger are already based in India and they are also living their lives at the fullest. Education is just to make you sensible not to give you the guaranteed Jobs. I request to you people please start your something own not wait for the time of job.       

Thank you
Ashutosh kumar
(writer and editor)



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