Friday, 22 December 2017

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Earbuds: Taking care of earbuds so they last a long time - arcreationsweb

The headphones, earphones or whatever the listening device you are using, it is much important to treat them with a proper respect and care that they deserve. Of course, keeping them in the top most condition is very good for both your audio clarity and your hygiene as well. Basically, these earbuds are little, tiny speakers, which are specially designed to be placed directly inside the ear. With today’s advancement of technology, these earbuds have grown rapidly than the normal headphones, because of its portability. When compared to traditional headphones, there are numerous advantages of using the earbuds. The initial thing is very smaller and also more discreet, which allow the users to listen music with better sound quality.

Another great benefit of using earbud is producing the sound directly to the ear, so that the volume can be very lower that leads to minimize the loss of hearing caused by exposure to more volume. These earbuds are also featured with noise reduction techniques, which make the user better to hear music without any disturbance of outside sounds. Due to its compact size, these earbuds are made from the delicate materials that compared to the headphones. However, one of the greatest ways to increase the lifespan of your earbuds is performing the regular maintenance as well as offers the proper care for those devices from the beginning day you buy some of them.
Proper maintenance and care of earbuds
When you are handling your earbuds hardly and not maintained properly, then the sound performance of earbuds are deteriorated over times or else breaking down completely. When you try to preserve the set of earbuds for a long run, there are so many do’s and don’ts to be followed. However, you have to put these fundamental tips into your action for significantly enhancing the life of each pair of earbud you have.
Dos in earbud

There are some important things to be done with a regular manner. If you fail to do any of these things, it might be shortened the usability lifespan of your earbuds.

Ø  Do clean your buds regularly: Many of the expensive sets of earbuds are coming with effective cleaning equipment, but it does not mean the inexpensive sets do not benefit from the normal routine cleaning. In order to clean your earbuds, you just start by removing any foam or rubber comfort pieces and then soak them in alcohol. Use a cotton swab to eliminate all the dead skin cells, wax or any other dust from the inner areas of earbud.

Ø  Do roll the cord: When your earbud is not in use, you just keep the cord rolled up and then used to tie the loops tightly together. Make sure to keep your cord from being bent at any angle, because it may cause damage and also avoids tangling.

Ø  Do keep your earbuds in a case: In order to store your earbuds, you can buy a special case to secure each earpiece, which is a perfect area for the cord. This will also highly prevent your cord from tangling as well as protects the speakers and the earphone mic control buttons from damage. After using it, make sure to put your earbuds back in your case in a habitual manner.

Ø  Do clean your ears: Normally, the earwax builds up inside your ear that not only entered into the speaker opening on earbuds, but also minimize the sound quality. Sometimes, this will also lead to maximize the risk of ear infection. Make sure to clean your ears regularly and prevent damage to either your earbuds or your ear.

Ø  Do replace the foam tips frequently: When the rubber or foam ends on earbud, it will store a buildup of dead skin cells and loses its noise resistance. If you find that you cannot simply clean them with a cloth, you just replace the piece.

Ø  Do unplug the speakers from your MP3 player or any other audio devices: The earphones always attached to the smart phones or MP3 player. When it gets stuck in your pocket or your bag, it is significantly to get damaged easily. So, you need to pull the cord suddenly from the connector and jack before damaged. All you need to do is to simply unplug your earphones from the device, which greatly protects the delicate area and audio connector, where the cord connects to the jack.



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