Wednesday, 13 December 2017

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The Emerging Smartphone Technologies - arcreationsweb

With the technology so advanced today when you look back just a few 3 or 4 decades you might think you were living in the dark ages. Today with so much technology and software and apps and all kinds of handheld devices the world, still there is room for more. Here are a few latest technologies which are trending and have changed the lives of people all across the world. There are devices and also apps and software that have helped people in different aspects of their lives it is cooking or security or digital parenting or management of business or booking flights on cell phones or managing fitness using different wrist devices; the world has ever changed. Here are a few of these technologies that have changed the life of many and are emerging to be even better.

The Mobile Augmented Reality

We know the iPhones and the Android, and we are aware of their power, what they can do. We are aware with the advancement in the GPS and other technologies now you can never get lost in a new place. These smartphones are a source of knowledge and also entertainment and can be a full guide. The mobile augmented reality means the features such as internet and GPS are combined to make sure that the digital information is available all across the globe for everyone and on every kind of subject or place. For example, if you are travelling to a new city you will just need to have your phone pointed at that building, and it will give its history and all the background you need to know. It has not been implemented yet, but work is going on all these. You can expect to see this kind of technology soon.

Open Source Cell Phones

There are many open source apps which can be installed on different phones but today the developers are trying to work on the apps that can work simultaneously on every phone.


The latest Mobile Internet technology is the LTE and the LTE A. with this feature you can get incredible speeds of the web connectivity on the smartphones. In theory, LTE-A is supposed to give 1GB speed.

Spy holes

The Androids and the iPhones can well today be a good spy phone. This software and apps have long been waited for. The installation of apps such as Life360 or TheOneSpy spy apps for android makes a Smartphone the best of the spy phones ever. There are many unique devices that are wearable’s and have the sole purpose of spying, but these devices may be expensive, so this is the reason today developers have developed apps for Android or is to ensure that anyone can be a digital spy. You can click here on the internet to download a lot of software which will make you a spy.  No matter you need to spy on your Childs Whatsapp, Viber, Skype calls or SMS or call logs or even his or camera, you can use this software and rely on them to work 100%.

Wearable and Smart watches

This tech is now already in the market. There are many companies such as Apple, Samsung and Sony, which have designed devices or wrist devices which are not only mobile phones but have many other features also. Today the wearable are getting quite familiar. There are health trackers, fitness tracker’s, GPS trackers, spying tools that you can put on the children to be a better digital parent, then there are smart watches also. These smart watches are all on all phones that are wearable. These are the latest technologies that you can use for the betterment of your life. Some of the latest are HTC Smart watch, Samsung triathlon, Apple Watch 2, Garmin Vivo active, etc.

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