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Top 25 Most Important GK Question of SSC | CHSL | 2018 | Part-1 - arcreationsweb

Hi guys my name is Shahnawaj and I would like to welcome all the students to the ARCREATIONSWEB GROUP. The thing which i am going to tell you today may be a huge change in your student life. As i know that student face so many problems when they have prepare ssc CHSL exam. This is the first tutorial of SSC CHSL exams in March 2018 in which we will learn about Top 25 Most Important GK Question Of SSC CHSL EXAM 2018 Part-1.  In this tutorial you will be get to know which type of Gk question asked in the papers. This 25 special question is so important question in ssc CHSL exam 2018 .So without wasting so much time let's start with the important GK questions…

Q-1 What is the chemical name of common salt?
Ans- Sodium Choloride (NaCL)

Q-2 Which planet is also referred to as a Dwarf Planet?

Q-3 Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj ?
Ans- Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q-4 Which actor won the best actor award in the first Flimfare Awards?
Ans-Dilip Kumar

Q-5 Which  metal is  liquid at room temperature?

Q-6 Who is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador?
Ans-Priyanka Chopra

Q-7 Elora caves are located in which state ?

Q-8 Who invented the dishwasher?
Ans-Josephine Cochrane

Q-9 Dzongkha is the official language belonging to which country?
Ans Bhuthan

Q-10 Who is the author of Half Girlfriend?
Ans- Chetan Bhaghat

Q-11 When earth day was celebrated?
Ans- 22 April

Q-12 Telphone Exchange was invented by?
Ans-Tivadar Puskas

Q-13 Who built the Golden Temple?
Ans-Guru Ram Das

Q-14 Fundamentals Rights of Indian Constitution are taken from which country?

Q-15 Who gave the title Father of Nation to Mahatma Gandhi?
Ans- Subhash Chandra Bose

Q-16 Which device is used to detect alpha and beta rays?
Ans- Geiger Counter

Q-17 Azadirachta indica is the Scientific name for which tree?
Ans Neem

Q-18 Dogri is the language of which state ?
Ans Jammu and Kashmir

Q-19 What is the name of the eldest Pandava brother?
Ans Yudhistr

Q-20 Who was the father of Prithviraj Chauhan?
Ans Someshwar Chauhan

Q-21 How many Rajya Sabha Members can the President appoint?
Ans- 12

Q-22 The Chandragiri fort is locted in?
Ans-Andhra Pradesh

Q-23 What is the full form of PDF ?
Ans- PDF-Portable Document Format

Q-24 Who is the first Mr. India to have won ‘Mr. World’ title?
Ans-Rohit Khandelwal

Q-25 Who is the chairperson of NITI Aayog ?
Ans- Narendra Modi

So guys this is list of Top 25 Most Important GK Question Of SSC CHSL EXAM 2018 Part-1.Later on we discuss on the part -2 Gk Questions. Read this Question carefully and i hope you understand all this question very easily and got a good marks in ssc chsl 2018 paper. If you find any problem while understanding the this Gk Questions let me know i will clear your doubt completely. You can discuss on the topic in comments or you can mail me personally at  arcreatinsweb@gmail.com
Thank you
Md Shahnawaj
(writer and editor)



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