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Top 25 Most Important GK Question of SSC | CHSL | 2018 | Part-2 - arcreationsweb

Hi guys How Are you? I think you all fine .Once again I would like to welcome all the students to the ARCREATIONSWEB GROUP. So guys today I am going to tell about this article. So this article very important for you. This is the second tutorial of SSC CHSL exams in March 2018 in which we will learn about Top 25 Most Important GK Question of SSC CHSL EXAM 2018 Part-2.  In this tutorial you will be get to know which type of so many important GK question asked in the papers. This 25 special question is so important question in SSC CHSL exam 2018 .So without wasting so much time let's start with the important GK questions…

Q-1 Who invented ‘Helicopter’?
Ans- Brequet
Q-2 Which is considered as nature’s radar?
Ans- Pigeon
Q-3 When was the Indian Constitution adopted?
Ans- 26th November, 1949
Q-4 National Botanical Garden’ is located in which city?
Ans- Kolkata
Q-5 When the Third battle of Panipat was fought in the year?
Ans- 1761 A.D.
Q-6 Who was the mother of Mahavira?
Ans- Trishala
Q-7 ‘Yellow Revolution’ is associated with the production of?
Ans- Oil seeds
Q-8 ‘Kesari’, the Newspaper was started by
Ans- Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Q-9 Which game associated with Rangaswami Cup?
Ans- Hockey
Q-10 The working of a rockets based on which principle?
Ans- Conservation of momentum
Q-11 Which one is the smallest endocrine gland in human body?
Ans- Pituitary
Q-12 Which Indian lake is renowned as the Lagoon lake of India?
Ans- Chilika lake
Q-13 Who has the record of highest number of Gold Medals in the history of Olympics?
Ans- Michael Phelps
Q-14- Who is the author of "Gently Falls: The Bakula"?
Ans- Sudha Murty
Q-15 Who Invented Ceiling fan?
Ans- Philip Diehl
Q-16 What is the unit of the physical quantity "Young's modulus"?
Ans- pascal
Q-17 Which fort is also known as the Golden Fort?
Ans- Jaisalmer
Q-18 Atomic number of which of the following elements is greater than that of Copper?
Ans- Zinc
Q-19 What is the scientific name of Equus burchellii  ?
Ans- Zebra
Q-20 what is the Chemical formula of Ammonium nitrate?
Ans- NH4NO3
Q-21 which city is located on the banks of the river Narmada?
Ans- : Bharuch
Q-22 Which of these countries got Independence from United Kingdom?
Ans- Pakistan
Q-23 Who was the first temporary chairman of the Constituent Assembly?
Ans- Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha
Q-24 In which form of government priests rule in the name of God?
Ans- Theocracy
Q-25 Who won the first T-20 Cricket World Cup?
Ans- India

So guys this is list of Top 25 Most Important GK Question Of SSC CHSL EXAM 2018 Part-2.Later on we discuss on the part -3 Gk Questions. Read this Question carefully and i hope you understand all this question very easily and got a good marks in ssc chsl 2018 paper. If you are getting any problem during understanding the this Gk Questions let me know i will clear your doubt completely. You can discuss on the topic in comments or you can mail me personally at  arcreatinsweb@gmail.com
Thank you
Md Shahnawaj
(writer and editor)


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