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Top 7 things to do on this new year 2018 - arcreationsweb

new year 2018

Today is the New Year day, first of all i would like to wish all of my readers a very warm "HAPPY NEW YEAR" now the thing come into the mind is what to do on this glorious occasion. Friends today i am here with top 10 things you can do on this new year. So let's start with the things you can do.


1. Clean your Home.

how to clean home

Home is actually a place where you get relief and you feel very safe. On the new year it should be your duty to clean your home very well. The first and foremost thing you have to do on this new year is to clean your home. A clean home gives a positive energy to us. Honestly, is there a better feeling than waking up on Jan. 1 to a spotless house? I think not. So firstly clean up your home before celebrating new year.

2. Sending wishes and messages. 

messages and text for new year wishes

It's a very important thing which everyone does on every festival. Sending wishes and messages shows the love, respect and gratitude towards the person
whom you are sending the messages and wishes for the new year. So this is a very important part of the new year day. 

3. Make special and delicious in kitchen.

delicious foods for new year

New year is the day when everyone wants to eat something very special and delicious so on this day every one prepare different types of foods and dishes to eat. You can prepare cake, ICE-CREAM, kheer, puri, Sweets etc... anything which you love to eat. 

4. Go out with your Friends and family.

how to get together friends and family

The best thing you can do on the new year is to go out and enjoy with the friends and family. These things creates a melodious and sweet memories in our life. It will be a fun when you are enjoying with your friends and felling very amazing when you have your family too. I think there is nothing that can give you felling like this. 

5. Play your 2017 favorites songs.

best songs of 2017

You can do another activity on this occasion is to have a round of your favorites songs of 2017. Listing out musics is a very good thing and during this you will have a great magical and melodious time. 

6. Try Dance.

dance with frinds

You can dance on any music that would you love. Dancing with your friends is an another thing that can be a good for you. It's always a fun when you dance with your.

7. Make a list of all your personal wins and best moments from the year.

list of your all wins

The another thing you can do is to make list of all your personal wins and best moments from the year. This thing will give you a very positive vibes and energy. Think about what you were grateful for, what you accomplished, and what you put a shit ton of effort into. It's nice, we promise! 

 So guys these things you can do on this new year and start your new journey with 2018. Anything you want to say to your friend or to your loved ones please write it in comment section may your friend see this. For any help and doubt please drop me a mail on

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)