Friday, 8 December 2017

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You Need 5 things to Rock in Any Exam in 2018 SSC | Board | College - arcreationsweb

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Hi guys My name is Shahnawaj and I did  like to welcome all the students to the ARCREATIONSWEB GROUP. The thing which i am going to tell you today may be a huge change in your student life. As i know that student face so many problems when they have exam time. I am also a student and i also used to suffer from so many problems during my exam time but resolving all the problem i get up and got good marks in all. To talk personally connect with me on facebook

These days the competition becoming so higher and the students face so many problems when they have exam like SSC Exams, Bank Exams, CBSE Board Exams etc. All these exam matters a lot for every student, it may be carrier deciding exams for everyone. 
Every day,  so many new research is conducted on education, teaching skills and learning methods, which we can use to learn so many tips for textbook reading and effective analysis, that will be helpful for cracking any exams. So let's move to the special tips which i have made for you -
Tip 1: Practice Last year Questions
You can start attempting the last year mock tests and questions for any topic or exam.The last year questions paper is very helpful to crack any exams. You can purchase last 10 years paper books this book any time available in the market. In this book you learn whose  last years questions which question repeated many time.
Tip 2: Create Proper Time Table
Once you are familiar with the written exam syllabus and pattern, you need to create a timetable. This chart with help you to put your targets and objectives in line. A planned time chart helps you in dividing the study hours equally among each section and you can prepare optimally for each subject and all topics.
Tip 3: Time Management

The time management is one of the best tricks to crack any exams.Time management is a very serious part for anyone. Especially if i talk about students that should have the clear time management otherwise they can't get passed in exam. In my opinion student should develop habit of writing as many as expected tests. It will be good enough for their time management of the exam paper, writing speed increases, etc...
Tip 4: Revision
The revision is very helpful to crack exams. Make sure to revise all the material at least 2-3 times before you sit for an exam. Revision helps to you to keep all the major points on your finger tip. At the time of exam hours you don't need to think more about any topic if you have that topic revised properly. Sometimes students get confused with the two similar topics it's also happened to so many of you. Do you ever think that why is it? It is because you don't revise those topic clearly.  So keep that in mind.   
Tip 5: Stay positive and confident
All the preparation is waste if you are not positive and confident enough for your exam. Confidence is nothing but you are nothing without confidence too. Positive attitude is always good for any students getting demoralize is one of the worst thing in any students life. There are 2 instances when your are not confident one is if you are not prepared very well and second is you are prepared but you have a kind of exam fear inside you. You can deal with the fear by exercising everyday. Give a hard shock to your body and keep yourself calm. 

Tip 6: Don't Discuss just before the Exam

You may see people around you on the exam center discussing topics with each other. Guys do you know that it is the very worst thing that you should avoid always before the exam if you really want to rock in the exam. Discussing a lot, it may create a confusion in your mind with the different topics. 

So guys this is all about the tips and tricks that you can follow and rock in the exam. If your face any problem as a student please let me know i will help you with that. You can share your problem with the comment box or you can ask anything by dropping me a mail on    

.Thank You
Md. Shahnawaj
(writer and editor)



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    1. welcome follow all the tips given here and you will surely succeed.

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  3. Hi Ashutosh, Thansk for all the beautiful Tips. These are definitely going to help the students. More then all, I love the time management. This works not only for study but for every work in life. To check more information on Mahadbt scholarship check this.

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