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5 Genius Home Hacks that Make Life Easier
They say that one’s home is ‘where the heart is’.
And in today’s world, this aphorism certainly rings true for a lot of people.
What with all the socioeconomic and political turbulence that succeeds in impacting everyone’s life on a daily basis, people all across the globe remain in need of a safe place to instantly retreat to. And everyone can agree, on this front, that there exists no safe haven comparable to an individual’s essential domestic setting that may offer such a ready escape.
A person without a fixed area of land (territory) to call his/her own is like a plant without any strong anchorage in the soil; susceptible to the whims of the weather, and bound to flow in whichever direction that the wind should dictate.
But what happens when a person goes inside the home place? Does he/she find the comfort that is so desperately sought, or is that sense of contentment robbed by something that comes in between?
Like a disorganized living space, perhaps?
Almost anyone can relate with the scenario of coming home late after a busy day at work, and not finding one’s things in their proper places. Like a kitchen with missing knives & forks, or a bathroom with disfigured toiletries, or even a TV lounge with messy wire loops etc. 

Fortunately for all of us, the Internet (accessible through the services of reliable Cable and Internet Providers) is currently crawling with a wealth of information, and readable ‘life hacks’, that can be used to make one’s home-living experience a relatively easy one.

The purpose of this post is to acquaint you with some of these tips, so that you not only get to inculcate some much-needed domestic bliss into your life, but also manage to save-up on any new equipment costs (by making do with the old).
So, to become more adept at clearing out your home space, we suggest that you read on further – and
practically implement some (or all) of the advice rendered here.

1. Make Use of Binder Clips as Freezer Hanging Implements

Most refrigerators (found in most homes across the country) have very small and limited freezer compartments on top of their regular storage units. These are usually compact, two-storied, storage spaces that require a great degree of clever maneuvering to be fit into.
One of the smartest ways to make this small volume work in one’s favor is to make use of inexpensive paper clips as vertical hanging tools. By simply attaching these nifty little devices to the metallic bars of the grill plate inside, individual hackers can increase their chiller’s storage space by at least 50 percent. This means that you can more than double the amount of food products inside your refrigerator in relation to what you managed t stack away earlier.

2. Eat Pringles Easily Using the Paper Funnel Approach

Now who doesn’t like to eat Pringles – on any (and every) occasion?
Pringles feature in greatly into the typical American pastime, where they serve as the snacking treat of choice for virtually every age group. But getting those deliciously curved crisps out of their cylindrical packaging can sometimes prove to be a chore like no other – especially when one is hungry.
In such cases, the handy ‘paper funnel’ home trick can be used to rescue the weary eater.
Simply take a spare piece of writing paper, and roll it into an oblong cone. Ensure that one side is narrower than the other (this will be the side inserted into the opening of the Pringles can). Once the paper implement is safely in, gently roll the can onto its side, and watch the neat layers of crisps come out like a well-kept deck of cards.
All ready for the picking!

3. Expand Garment Hanging Scope with Shower Curtain Clips

In our experience, shower curtain clips are not only useful for fulfilling their original purpose – that of hanging shower curtains. Through a little bit of clever planning, they can be used to embellish and bolster other everyday home tools as well, such as clothes hangers.
Simply take a regular plastic (or steel) garment hanger, and attach the circular curtain hooks to its base. A single hanger can accommodate up to 10 hooks easily – where each can be used to hang a single garment. So if you have only 10 hangers in your possession, you can easily choose to hang about a hundred standard-sized clothes.
This tip is one that has been attested to by mothers and grandmothers all over the country, who value frugality as a virtue to be strictly adhered to. And we must state that we heartily agree with this assessment of the value of shower curtain hooks as well
4. Remove Blunt Knife Edges with Ceramic

Did you know that you can sharpen your blunt knives and cutting tools with ceramic cutlery items such as bowls and cups, simply by rubbing them to & fro on their thickened bottom stands? Yes, you heard that right!
This trick is really popular in the mid-west, where many people don’t bother investing in proper knife sharpeners at all. Instead, they make do with their cheap ceramic kitchen sets to get the job done.
And you should too, if you really want to economize on your monthly budget.

5. Use Plastic Soft Drink Bottles as Garden Sprinklers

Garden sprinklers can sometimes be really expensive to afford for the average middle-class suburban housekeeper. Not only do they cost a lot in dollars, they also come with the disadvantage of having rigid water jet outlets (that spray water only in specific directions).
For only a dollar (and in some cases less), you can make your very own water sprinkler at home – using the simplest of everyday products such as a small plastic soft drink bottle.
Take a sharp knife end or screw driver, and pierce the bottle’s skin with it. Connect the bottles mouth with your watering pipe or hose, and turn on the tap.
Watch as your flowerbeds get immersed in an outpouring of water within seconds. With the subscription services of many Best High Speed Internet Provider, you can easily get connected to the World Wide Web, and discover many such hacks for yourself as well (and check up on their validity).

Author Bio:
Alex Brian is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As Hawaiian resident, he loves beaches and bathing in the sun. That's where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Alex co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.



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