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5 Simple Techniques to Increase CPC in Google Adsense 2018 - arcreationsweb

techniques to increase cpc

Today i am here with something really important for every bloggers who are doing blogging now a days. We see many times that one blogger is earning amazingly and the another one is not earning even the single penny. Why? The reason behind this is here which i will be discussing here. Google Adsense is like the primary earning source for any blogger.

You need to stay here and read all the points carefully if you are a blogger receiving huge traffic to your blog but not earning like the traffic which you are receiving. I would like to give you the overview about CPC.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click. It is all about which you are earning from ad clicks on your site. You noticed that many bloggers focus on increasing CTR not on CPC. CPC is the most important part if you seriously want to earn from Google Adsense. A blog with high CPC and decent CTR (click-through-rate) can create a huge difference in your income.

If you get a CTR of 2% with adverts with a CPC of $0.75 (2 visitors in each 100 click on an advert), then that is better than a CTR of 1% with adverts with a CPC of $1.20. With the former, each 1,000 visits will make you $10.20 (68% of $15) while with the latter you would make only $8.16. So CTR matters, not just earnings per click. It’s how many that click that often makes your money, not always the cost of each click.

5 Simple Techniques to Increase CPC in Google Adsense 2018

1. Your Niche

The first and the very important things that is a big factor in deciding the what CPC rate you will get on your blog is your "NICHE". CPC really depends on what your are publishing on your blog. I have listed the topic in decreasing CPC order, it may helps you to decide your niche -
  • Domains – Blogs on Internet Domains Like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. It pays highest CPC.
  • Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple products
  • Google – Google Products
  • Microsoft – MS Office
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans
  • Jobs
  • Dating & Romance – It pays lowest CPC.
2. Content

I always say that your content is your king, there is no alternative for high quality content, if you are writing amazing than nothing can beat you. One more thing that i would like add is "Try to keep your content Q&A, try to answer the questions of your readers it will helps you to get more visitors. Write engaging content. Google shows ads relevant to your niche and topic which about you are writing a post, so you can generate good money if your ad is targeted and you are getting traffic from high cpc countries like USA, UK, etc...

3. Country

Country is an very important factor affecting the CPC rate. It's important that which contry you are going to target up. Countries where online publishing and advertisement are very popular can give you the high CPC rate as compared to the countries where it is just started like INDIA, PAKISTAN, NIGERIA, etc... For e.g a click on an ad from USA can pay you up to $2 to $3 and click on same ad from India can end up paying only 20 to 30 cents.

4. Do your Research

No one teach you better than you. Researching by self is more better than applying others techniques and tactics. Research your own high CPC keyword, Keyword placement, Observe which ad is giving you high CPC etc...Always keep trying something new with the adsense. Never bogged down into one style always try something new.

5. Ad Block Placement

best ad placement placesIt is the another most important factor affecting the CPC of your blog. The right placement can give you the best results in terms of high CPC. You can place ads right at the top of your page, in the middle, at the bottom as a footer on every page or anywhere else you want.

So guys this is all about "How you can increase your CPC in google adsense" follow all the points and see the magic for sure. If you are getting any problem in applying any technique let me know i will help you to do that. You can share your problems regarding the topic in comment box or you can directly mail us at

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)



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