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Office Decoration Ideas - The Unique Way to Give Your Office a Brilliant Look
Each person has their own preferences and that is reflected in many aspects of daily life. Our personality determines our tastes in certain things and among many, decoration is one of them. The decoration of our office is due to many factors, being the most relevant functionality and ergonomics. But in this article those aspects will be left aside secondary focusing on the most purely aesthetic sense. This collection of office decoration styles aims to inspire the reader to discover new styles that fit their tastes and perhaps rethink the decoration of your office. Or if it starts from zero, aesthetic advice on how to furnish an office.

The Most Popular Office Decoration Styles

Classic style

A style that has accompanied the decoration for office for many years. The classic style this a classic, worth the redundancy. In this style we find elegant offices, with wood as the main protagonist in the furniture, granting a stately beauty. Much symmetry and order are sought. The colors are usually brown, neutral and some ocher tones. Black also has a lot of presence. In the offices of classic style there is abundant presence of decorative elements, without overloading. Finally, for curtains or upholstery, rich and heavy fabrics such as velvet or silk are chosen.

Minimalist style

A style that has been increasingly seen in the decoration of modern offices. In this type of office, the rule of least is more to its maximum expression. Everything that does not contribute does not get. Office furniture must be fully functional and of geometric shapes. In the minimalist style the straight lines are abundant due to the geometry of the decorative composition. As for colors, white is the absolute king, with black being the color that accompanies it, creating a total contrast. It can also be accompanied by neutral colors such as gray and some other bright color to give the touch of color. The most abundant material is plastic, cement and glass. Finally, the few decorative details that should be must be sober.

Vintage style

Vintage is a more risky style to apply in the office, but if a company has a much defined personality and home with this style is a very viable option. The vintage style should have ornate furniture and special attention to details. The most used materials are wood, and wicker. But the most striking of the vintage style are pastel colors of all kinds from turquoise to roses, going through prints of all kinds (usually floral). The ultimate goal of the vintage style is to transport us to the 50s - 60s.

Industrial style

The industrial style is special and has its charm. The office must be spacious so that a transparent space is created. The industrial decoration determines that structures such as beams or pipes must be visible and be part of the decoration. This adds to the fact that the dominant materials are cement, metal, concrete and brick, robust materials where they exist. The furniture must go along that line too, with furniture with straight lines and geometric with great visual load. The most common colors are white, beige, gray, ocher and brown.

Tropical style

In the last type of decoration of this collection of styles of office decoration dominates the bright colors and green. The plants also have a lot of importance, so you have to add as many plants as possible in the office, especially in the rest or reception areas. Finally, to give the final tropical touch to the offices, putting wallpaper and patterned with tropical motifs is important.
These are the five styles that in our opinion are the most relevant and popular in terms of office decoration styles. Have we helped you to inspire you? Which of these styles is your favorite? Do you think we have left a style of office decoration that should be in this collection? Do not hesitate to comment in this same post or on our social networks. On our website you can find a multitude of office furniture that fits into these styles of decoration, especially in classic and minimalist styles. Thank you very much for reading and see you next week.


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