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How to get Google AdSense approval within 1 day - arcreationsweb

google adsense approval in just 1 day

How to get google adsense approval in just 1 day? is it possible according to you? Most of you would say 'NO' but guys let me tell you that it is 100% possible to get adsense approval in 1 day. Now you will ask HOW? So guys if you want to get adsense approval on your blog very quickly than read this article till he end.

People find so many obstacles in getting adsense approval and most of times their application got rejected. It's happens because they do not follow the terms & conditions of google adsense. Today i will talk about the things that would definitely help you to get google adsense approval easily in 1 day.

How to Get "Google AdSense" approval within 1 Day.

1. Create a Blog

how to create a blog

The first foremost thing is to get google adsense approval, you should have a good blog. You will not be able to sign up for google adsense without having blog. It's pretty simple to create a blog, there are so many tools available in the market to create beautiful blog for no cost. If you do not know how to create blog for free i have made a complete article about it - How to create website/blog for free

2. Use a very Simple and Clean Theme.

wordpress theme

The most of the time it's seen that google rejects the application of the user just because of the single reason " Your website is not providing the clear navigation to the user" It means your theme is not so clear as the google wants. Apply simple and clear theme to your blog. Give clear navigation to the user on your blog. For e.g.

3. Keep updating your site regularly.

Google rank the sites easily those are regularly updated with some new content, any changes in the content already exist on the blog, making your theme looks more great etc... Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh.

4. Publish 20-25 post articles on your Blog.

The number of post actually matters in the eyes of google. The chances of approval is more as more your post live on your blog right now. It's said that if you have 20 to 25 great articles on your blog than you can easily get adsense approval on your blog. I got adsense approval on 2 sites in just 1 day just because they have good posts and also the post count is upto 30. 


5. Be simple and Unique

By the mean of "BE SIMPLE AND UNIQUE" you should write articles very simple and unique. I just want to say stay away from the copy cat. Copying someone is not profitable so be original all the time in any situation.  

6. Follow T&C of google adsense

You can not avoid the T&C of the google adsense. You should keep your eye on it's T&C. Read at-least once before going to sign - up. Here is T&C of google adsense. If you are not following the terms and conditions of google adsense than google immediately cancel your application. 
7. Build a regular Traffic Base for 1 week

 The another main thing is you should have a proper traffic base which you need to maintain for 1 week at-least. It can be of 50 - 100 visitor per day for 1 week. If you are able to maintain this base for 1 week than no one can reject your application for adsense approval. It increases the chances of getting approved. 
8. Just Sign - up 

sign up foor adsense

Now after setting up all you just need to go to the official site of the google adsense and fill the application form for your blog. Google adsense Sign-Up form.

** One most important things is give your root url of the site not the url of your post articles.

9. Wait for 24 hrs (Review Period)

After filling the sign - up form wait for 24 hours which google takes to review you site. Normally it takes 3 days but if you are ready with all these stuff it will review in just a day and give you the approval to monetize your site.

10. Google Adsense Approved 

adsense approval in just 1 day

Now just place the code in your site and enjoy the money from your blog. If you don't know how to put google ads in your site follow the article - How to put Google ads in your site

SO guys this is all about how you can get adsense approval in just 1 day. Checkout all the points and make changes in your site according to this. If you are getting any problem than ask me to do i will surely help you. You can share your problem in comment box or you can simple mail me to

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar
(writer and editor)



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