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5 Best startup ideas are enough to be a Billionaire in 2018 - arcreationsweb

what are the best startup ideas

In these days of competition everyone want to start something their own because of the competition in the market for the Jobs, but they don't do. Do you know why it happens because people around us do not think like a billionaire thinks. If we talk about the people who are millionaires and billionaires right now in the world they have understand the need of the people and started services for them and now they are millionaires and billionaires enjoying their life.

It becomes very difficult to think when it comes to us why? because we are not able to get those need which actually people requires right now. Today i am here with top hot ideas for you which through you can earn a lot and live your life more comfortable. First of all i would like to tell that NO STARTUP CAN WORK FOR YOU, UNTIL IF YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH SERIOUS FOR IT. So be serious with the idea which you like to proceed. So without wasting a lot of time let's start with the latest startup trends that you can start.

5 Best Startup Ideas Are Enough To Be A Billionaire

1. Social Media Specialist 

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Social Media Specialist is a professional person who knows the way to popular your business on social Media. All the big brand have this person to maintain the social media activity. The social media marketer used to run the ad campaigns more efficiently and effectively to get more out of the ad. The key skills a good Social media marketer need are - Social Media Optimization, SEO, Internet marketing, Digital marketing etc... You can earn here according to your talent. You can charge the business owners upto $49,395 to $50,000

2. Professional Blogger

professional blogging

Professional blogging is a new era business where you can earn easily via so many different sources like - google ads, banner advertising, link building, paid advertisement etc... Usually people comes online with 2 major prospectus one is to get information about something or the second one is to buy and sell something online. There are 20+ Billions users are active on the internet. So chances are high to earn more with this idea. You can start your own blog with some content or start you personal e commerce solution for the buyer on the internet by understanding their requirement. There are some blogs having net worth in billions like TechCrunch ( $403,000,000 ), Netflix ($100 Billlion) etc...

3. Event Planner

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Event Planner is something different but it is also a great opportunity with some investment. Actually in this busy schedule people don't have time to plan their events like marriage party, Birthday Party, Engagement Party, and so many others. So here if you are providing these kind of stuff the people will pay you so much for your time to plan the parties and all for them. Event planners have the salary usually between $52,400-$71,506.  If you do not want to work for any other put some investment and open your own office. 
4. Network Marketing 

network marketing

Network Marketing is the another best way to earn a rich life with investing any more. This industry is completely different from all others. Actually network marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires, but very rarely do people get rich in this business. If you have passion to get rich it can make you but you need to put your all efforts. Network Marketing is just A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level. 
5. Become an Online Tutor 

become online tutor

Becoming an Online tutor is the best in all. Here you do need to invest any single money from your pocket. Your knowledge and talent is your investment here. You just need to master in any course like Operating System, or any other programming language and start teaching others online. Udemy is the example, tutorial India etc... are the examples of the online tutor. 

So guys this is all about the ideas that you can start to earn and live your life easily. It's far better than going for job. If you have any query regarding the topic you can mail me to the or comment below.

Thank you
Ashutosh Kumar 
(writer and editor)


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