Google Analytics

Google Analytics
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Do you know about "GOOGLE ANALYTICS"? Have you ever tried to connect your blog with this? Today i will tell you what is it?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very amazing and useful service offered by google. why it is useful and amazing? It is because it helps the admin of the blog or website to see the real stats of the website, It helps to know the admin how his/her blog performing worldwide? It also tells whom category of the population his/her blog targeting. It is always needed because without identifying your customer you can't make any strategies for your visitors and customer. Google webmaster helps to know our customer in a better and deeply.

In order to knowing it's importance we are here to help you by providing this important service at very low and reasonable cost so you can get the traffic report and stats easily with this service. We will also guide you what are things matter a lot for you. So don't waste time just contact us we will make your doubts clear.

Price & Plans

(Date of completion)
Google Analytics Fully setting up
In just 1 day
Rs. 180/- per website
Google Analytics Complete Guide
According to you
Rs. 75/- per hour

This our price and plan policy. Grab these fast.

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